2018 September LTV Rally at Osoyoos, B.C.
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The photo is from the Nik'Mip Desert Culture Center, compliments of Roslyn, one of the organizers of the Rally

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September 19 - 22, 2018 LTV Rally at Osoyoos, B.C.

Taken from the contents of Norm Lavoy's email to organize the rally, with contact people for the events and activities.
September LTV Osoyoos Rally
19-22 September at Nk’Mip RV Resort
Pat caught the first ferry on Sept. 19 and got to Osoyoos about 3:30. Registered and took his smoked salmon to the Pot Luck dinner. It was enjoy by all and quickly disappeared.
1. Wednesday late afternoon/evening: Meet and Greet, with pot luck supper.
2. Thursday: Activity Day:
Wine Tour: So far 22 people have signed on for the wine tour: We will visit 4 wineries, starting with River Stone Winery, a relatively new, small family-owned operation. The owner, originally from Alberta, will take us on a walk through his vineyard, discussing his beginnings as a winemaker, with tastings in the field where particular grapes are grown, followed by more tastings in their wine room—a great introduction to the area.
We will then visit Tinhorn Creek, which began as a small family business about 25 years ago, and which has now grown into one of the most successful wineries in the area, and which was recently sold to Peller Estates: We will start with a visit to their cellar for wine tastings, followed by a three course lunch with wine pairings on their beautiful deck overlooking the valley, at a per person charge of $58 inclusive.
Pat had Lasagna-morels mushrooms, carrot puree. Cabernet France wine with Peach croustade, house made gelato for dessert.
After lunch, we will visit Church and State Winery, which began as a small winery on Vancouver Island years ago, and now is a major producer in the area: Their gorgeous outdoor bar overlooking the valley provides a wonderful setting for wine tasting, and their wines are excellent.
For our last stop, we will divide into two groups to visit both neighbouring Hester Creek and Gehringer Wineries, which each have small tasting rooms. These wineries are very different but excellent in their own way. The Gehringer Brothers have been making mainly Germanic wines for thirty years, and their prices are refreshingly low for the area.
On Thursday, the 20th, Pat breakfasted in the Last Lodge. There were 4 wineries on the wine tour with a lunch at Tinhorn Creek for $58. Later Pat had dinner of beans, cole slaw and sausage, then visited at the community center in the evening.
Other activities that Pat did not participate in:
Organized Bike Ride: Wine touring, desert scenery & cycling route in one, the International Hike and Bike Trail runs for 18.4 km (11.4 mi) between Osoyoos and Oliver, going by 11 wineries – including Silver Sage Winery, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, and Inniskillin Okanagan Estate – in Canada’s only true desert climate. Local’s tip: pack a lunch and pick a spot to dine along the Okanagan River. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, with paved or gravel pathways for most of the route.
Golf group: The area has two courses, so let us know if you want to join in on a round of either 9 or 18 holes of golf.
Organized Walk/Hike: The area is laced with walking trails, so let us know if you are interested. Please also let us know the level of difficulty you prefer (easy/moderate/strenuous) and how long a walk/hike you prefer (2-5 km, 6 - 10 km, or longer)
Free time: Nk’Mip Wineries has a lovely tasting room to visit, and great wines. Additionally, Osoyoos has, apparently, the best Home Hardware Store in Canada and is well worth a visit, as is the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad. The lake also is inviting, as is the pool at the RV Resort. The weather in mid-September is usually gorgeous, with hot sunny days and cool evenings.
Thursday evening: free time for informal pot lucks, music jam sessions, games, etc.
3. Friday is tentatively scheduled as follows:
Guided Tour at the Desert Cultural Centre: The local First Nations organization will provide a two-hour guided tour of the centre, which includes a film, and a walk to and through a replicated village, where the guide will discuss various elements about historic native life. If a minimum of 20 people participate, the charge is $12/per person; less than 20, the price is $13/per person. They are a 3-minute drive or a 15 minute walk on an off-road trail, so are conveniently located. We will tentatively schedule this event in the morning, 9:30 - 11:30.
Technical Q&A with a knowledgable rep after lunch, tentatively scheduled 1:30-3:30 pm. Rick Kalinocha and Tony from Country RV at Kelowna were the representatives.
Open house for LTVs following the Q&A for hands-on opportunities and show and tell, tentatively scheduled 3:30-5:30 pm.
Windup Barbecue Supper tentatively scheduled at 6 pm.
After supper draw for prizes contributed by Country RV in Kelowna. Pat won a RV matt.
Open discussion about location and timing for 2019 rally and/or other possible group trips, like Haida Gwaii, Alaska, etc. One suggestion includes a Unity Parade in Osoyoos, perhaps as we leave on Saturday morning—any interest?
On Friday Pat had breakfast in the Last Lodge, then walked up hill all the way to the Nik'Mip desert culture center where they had a tour of the place. After this he had 'noodle cup' lunch and went back to Question and Answer session in the afternoon. The wind up barbeque in the evening was very good. Pat had a good steak.
4. Saturday morning: Pat had breakfast, did tanks maintenance and got away about 10:00 with a fuel stop in Osoyoos. Caught the 7:00 o'clock ferry after one ferry wait. Dinner on the ferry and home.
Here are a couple of links which might prove useful, as a significant number of participants have noted that they are new to their LTV:
1. Triple E has a website, myLTV, where, once registered, owners will receive information about rallies, shows, reports from fellow LTV travellers, etc: Leisure vans
2. A fellow in Quebec started a Facebook page about 5 years ago, which has about 5,000 members, with loads of technical discussions and trip photos: Technical Discussions on Facebook

The photo below is from our trip in April 2018 to California. It is, of course, our Unity TB Leisure Travel Van.

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