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Gardening has been a hobby, passion and almost a basic need of my existance for as long as I can remember. Hope you enjoy a stroll through my garden.

Photography has been a means of recording my garden, my travel experiences and more recently an attempt to learn all aspects of making good pictures and explore more artistic expressions of my hobbies and surroundings. Hope you enjoy my creative attempts and documentary shots and return to see if I am making any progress. In early 2015 I traded my Hasselblad and Canon Elan 7E to Kerrisdale Cameras, and so removed any links to albums that will not be created.

My husband and I have been taking trips every year for more years than I care to count. At first we had 2 - 3 weeks per year of holidays from our places of employment. More recently we have more time and so travel more. We have been to Europe several times, as well as trips in Canada and the US. We spend time on tours with the old car clubs and exploring Canada in our camper van. Care to join us?

I am fortunate to live in a beautiful, small city, Victoria, B.C. with a wonderful moderate climate. Victoria is on Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada. We have unique architecture, seascapes and moutain views. To record some of these treasures with my camera is my latest endeavor. Our city is constantly changing and growing. I hope to record a few of the interesting nooks and crannies in town and up and down the pennisula.

I will be adding links to sites that pertain to each of my hobbies on the appropriate page, with a summary page of all the links. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Please contact me if you would like to be mentioned. See the links summary page.

My latest madness (since 1999) has been playing on my computer. There is sooooo much to learn. I am recording some of my small triumphs on this infernal machine in my blog. Please feel free to comment on my blog. When I find time I like to read, also, but this pass time is suffering badly from lack of time. I may need a sabbatical from my PC.

In January, 2015 the owners of the Guestbook I was using decided to shut down their business. I have have found a new Guestbook. Click on the link to open the book, add your comment. The comments are moderated so do not appear until I have added them. Thanks for the visit.

My page will be under construction for quite a while, as I have numerous albums yet to be completed. I have created 'under construction' pages for the unfinished albums, as a sample of what is in the album.

Progress Report:
As at April 16, 2007: Update on Feb.12, 2010: update on May 17, 2013: Update on March 1, 2014: Update on March 1, 2017:

  • under Gardening I have completed the albums January to September and the Water garden sub page with 3 albums. The garden paths and garden art album is finished with large pictures. Click F11 to see them in full screen. Click F11 again to get back to normal view. In 2014 I added 3 pages to show the changes in the garden over the years.
  • under Photography I have finished the series: Chastity, Homework, Lambs, Long Beach, Waves, Raven Affair, Richards Rust, and Star Trek.
  • under Travel I have completed the albums from Pre 1989 to 2005 inclusive. I have finished the Lady Rose, Genoa Bay, Uchuck II and Haida Gwai.
  • under My Town there are no albums finished at this time, but I have finished the sub-page "my walk'.
  • I have created the sub pages: Progress Report ....... My Walk ....... Water & Japanese Garden ....... Series ....... Car Club Events
  • I have created the Poetry Page

  • In January, 2010 I created the Creations Page This page features some of the things I have made with html, slideshow makers (Powerpoints), movie makers, and photo editors.

  • In February, 2017 I created the .pdfs page I have learned a little bit about making .pdfs with Office and Adobe's editors; and added this page to my web site..

    This is an old fashioned page authored by an old fashioned girl. Hope you enjoy it.

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