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I live in a zone 8 climate in "the Garden City", so I am able to garden all year around . My garden is on a 100 x 100 foot lot with space for the house, garage, and generous paved driveways. I have approximately 10,000 square feet left to my garden space. I created a water garden, a woodland walk, a vegetable garden and I have perennials, vines, roses, fruit trees, evergreen hedging and a few small rock plants. The birds, butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, deer, otter, racoons and other wildlife visit. Indoors, I have a light garden for my few cacti, ochids and African violets.

In 1997 and in 1999 I was presented with the Silver Rose Bowl award by the Victoria Horticultural Society for my participation in their 'parlor show'. This involved bringing specified items to the monthly club meetings where they were judged and the points earned tallied for the final year end winners.

My garden is in constant revision, as you may notice my web page is, also.


January - we occasionally get snow
February - more rain, and some bulbs up
March - first spring bulbs blooming
April - rock plants blooming, grass needs mowing, fruit trees blooming
May - the garden is in full swing
June - lovely warm days of medium temperatures and roses in bloom
July - we need to water a lot in the summer as we do not often get rain.
August - the Fall perennials starting to bloom and fruit is ripening
September - harvest time in the vegetable garden and time to plant the winter garden
October - glorious fall colors and sunsets, fruit ripening and rains begin again
November - sometimes a lovely month with the Fall colors and warm rains
December - more rain, the garden is mostly greens and browns, very peaceful.
Water and Japanese Gardening - I built my pond with its 8 - 9 foot diameter
Fruit and Vegetables - grapes, figs, pears, apples, plums, and vegtables
Garden paths and Garden art - I have converted most of the lawn to gardens and paths
Rock and
Alpines - I have a few small alpines in various spots around the garden
Woodland garden - I am trying to establish a few indigenous plants in this area.
Indoor gardening - orchids, cacti, African violets
Bugs - butterflies, birds, animals
From the
Market - photos of bought produce or flowers
At the
Show - there are a number of gardeing shows I attend annually
Mushrooms, lichens
Boquets - Creating flower arrangements for the house and for show is an
added benefit for creatativity as well as visual satisfaction.
Miscellaneous - in case I cannot decide where something belongs. For example, there will be wild flowers.
Outline of the garden changes - This is the first page of a series of three giving a tour of the my garden.
A description of the garden rooms - This is the second page of a series of three giving a tour of the my garden, and showing the creation of the garden rooms as well as some of the renovations over the years.
Annual Garden changes photo albums The third page of the series will be annual photo albums of the changes in the garden for the year, beginning in 2009.
Excerpts from Garden Journal In 2012 I began to keep a Garden Journal on my Computer. There will be monthly notes from each year after 2012. When I first started my garden I had note books for daily entries, diagrams of planting beds, lists of plants used in the garden and the purchase prices. My plant lists are constantly changing so I have not been keeping them current. The Journal Notes will mention renovations.


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