September 1 - 4, 1999 - a trip up Nootka Sound on a working boat, the Unchuck II

Sept. 1 - We drive to Gold River, meet Pete and Audree. We are in our camper van and they are in the motel.
Sept. 2 - Pete and Audree pick us up at the campsite at 6:00 am and we go board the boat. Nice, sunny day. The boat is quite full. We get clam chowder for lunch, all the while watching the boat delivering and picking up items at fishing camps and logging camps, as we sail up the Nootka Sound. Once we are out of the inlet and into the ocean the going is a bit more rough. We arrive at Kyuquot. We are assigned B & Bs by the Skipper. We walk and visit Pete and Audree in their very nice B & B, then to supper buffet ($14.95) Back to the boat and catch the skiff across the bay to our B & B on the Native side of town. An adventure, to say the least.
Sept. 3 - There is no power on until later, but we get breakfast. We go back to the boat and leave at 8:00 am. The boat and crew are working on the way back, also. At one point we pick up two women, each in her kayak and bring them aboard. We get back to Gold River, have supper at Charlie's Restuarant, and back to our camper for the nite.
Sept 4 - Drive back to Victoria much more informed about life on Nootka Sound, and about boating and navigating

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Read the Travel logue for this trip. September 1999 - Gold River to get on the working boat and go up Nootka Sound with stops to load and unload cargo. Pete and Audree are with us, and they get the good B & B at Kyuquot for the overnite. Return next day. It will be a long scroll to get to the travel journal notes. HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue