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Under Gardening I have completed the albums January to March and July to December. The Garden paths and garden art is completed. I have completed the Water garden, with 3 albums.

I have started pages for the annual changes to the garden over the years. Completed March 2017. Creating annual journal entry pages and albums for the annual gardens. I have made the Miscellaneous page into a list of some of the miscellaneous gardening things I will be making into photo albums.


Under Photography I have completed the series: Chastity, Homework, Lambs, Long Beach, Star Trek, Waves, Raven Affair and Richards Rust.


Travel: finished albums Chatterbox, LadyRose, Haida Gwai, GenoaBay, Uchuck II, North Island & Pre 1989. See the list below for updates.

I have created a sub page for car events and information on the vans we have owned.

My Town, Victoria

There are no albums finished under My Town, but I have completed the sub page 'My Walk'. I have added another album to My Walk for the newly completed Trail across the street from us.


As at April 15, 2007. I have added yet another page to include some of my poetry. You may navigate to each poem by clicking on the thumbnail photo of each poem on the "Poetry" page or clicking the thumbnail photo beneath the Poem name on this page. You can find the "Poetry" page beneath "Home" on the main menue and on the drop down menu under "About" and "Guestbook". There is music on each poem with a console to turn the music off/on.

In May 2013 I added poems by Joshua and Ken.
In July of 2021 I added The Moose of Misery.

In My Garden

Whisper Soft

As Darkness Falls

The Moon Cries


My Old Garden

There's a Mist

Down by the Water

Winter and January

The Moose of Misery




As at January 1, 2010, I have added yet another page to include some of my experiments with HTML, photo editors, movie maker (loaded to You Tube), and slideshow software.
You may navigate to the Creations Page by seeing the link on the drop down menu of About page and on the Guestbook drop down menu.
On February 5, 2010, I learned how to create a favicon and added it to my page.
On June 09, 2015, I activated my SSL Certificate and added the badge to my page. As at May 2019 I have my SSL Certificate renewable every 2 years.
I have deleted the sitemeter from my site, as it no longer works. August 15, 2015. I have added Google Analytics but really need to figure out how to read the data that I get to with an URL that I have a note of in the web page folder.

In January of 2016 I found a new Guestbook for my page. Any comments made on the guestbook are moderated, and so will not appear there until I have moderated them. Thanks for the visits.

In March of 2017 I learned how to make .pdf files and created a page to link to them.

In March of 2017 I learned of malicious malware on my site, from Adam at Godaddy. They had sent me an email in January about this matter. It was addressed to dear customer, so I trashed it. Godaddy was worried about this malware spreading to their servers. Google was about to black list my site. Adam set me up with their partner SiteLock firewall, who cleaned the malware files. There were a few other files showing up in the FTP that did not belong on my site. I have yet to learn how to load my site to that FTP. I deleted my old FTP as I thought that it may have been the cause of the malware infection. Godaddy suggests that I get File Zilla, but I am undecided as yet which FTP to get. I may want a new clean copy of the old one I was using. There is also a problem with all the photo albums I have made with Adobe photoshop. I am currently in the process of deleting all of them and re-creating the photo albums with a new little Web Album Generator. The albums I made with this Album Generator all work fine. I am using the Godaddy FTP to delete the old ones. My site is very old and amateur, but it works fine on my ipad, my phone and my desk top.

Further to the above note, as of June 10, 2017. I have learned how to use the Godaddy FTP. I have reworked some of the photo albums and reloaded them to the page. Other albums are going to be reconstructed as I have learned a bit more about processing the photos, and the Album Generator is more easily edited in notepad and easier to load using the FTP. I am not yet ready to try a new FTP program.

UPDATES on recreation of albums as at June 30, 2021:
In Gardening: I will be re-doing some of them that look just plain crappy.. like January to May, inclusive. I have loaded the new albums for January, February, March, as well as July, August, September, October, November and December. The Water Garden page, and Paths and Garden Art are okay and reloaded now. April, May and June have yet to be recreated. (as at June 15, 2021) I have been adding an annual garden journal excerpts page starting in 2012 when I started keeping garden notes on my computer instead of in books. If I ever get finished all the under construction stuff I would like to get albums for the years of the garden made. They will correspond with the journal notes for every year.

In Photography the only albums that were done are the 8 little series albums: Long Beach, Chastity, Homework, Waves, Richard's Rust, Lambs, Star Trek and Raven Affair. I have reloaded them and they now work.

In Travel I have yet to do 2000 Bavaria, 95 Germany and France, 96 Italy, 98 Arles France, 99 Turkey, Greece, 02 France, 03 Malta, 04 Ireland/Scotland, 05 Danube: on Travel, as at June 30, 2021.
I have uploaded Car Tours and the Sub Pages, RROC/BDC, Antique Autos, Model T Fords. And have made an addition of the Car Tours page of the Campers (4 Vans) information.
I have added an album to the Model Ts page to show some of the scene/seen while riding on the Model T

I have got carried away on making the Travel Logue page and doing up Travel Journal Text pages for the albums where I have no information on the photo album pages. This page is Private and Password protected. Contact me if you might want access to the page.

On September 1, 2017 I purchased a standard SSL for 3 years and added the badge to the pages. Since purchasing this SSL I have had nothing but trouble with SiteLock registering the SSL. Adam has become totally frustrated with trying to set up the SSL with them. On September 20th he took SiteLock off of my account and refunded me totally for the amount spent. He then added Godaddy's own Web Security for 3 years on auto renewal. And by the 24th of September he had it working very well with the SSL in place. Chrome and Firefox do not let my music play as it is an insecure script. But I can allow it to play if I want to, as can anyone else, I suppose. As at some time in 2018 I reloaded all the music and it plays now. Adam will be taking care of the hosting on my page. Any questions and I just call him and he will fix it. All of my stuff is on auto renewal now. This is history, now. Adam's email does not work.
As of September 25, 2020 I have been trying to move my web page hosting from Godaddy to a Local hosting comany. So far, we have the domains and ssl certificate moved. We have reloaded my page on the new servers. It is working except for the albums created with the old adobe photoshop. We are in the process of getting this fixed, as at October 1, 2020. I am recreating the albums listed. The ones still to do are recorded above; as at June 30, 2021.

In August of 2019 I made the Playlist page of the music on my web page.

In October of 2019 Justin from Godaddy reduced my hosting space and added the refund to the renewal date for the SSL and the hosting. At this time I discovered that Godaddy was migrating their clients to new servers. I can't begin to talk about all the trouble I managed to get into in this migration. I did not email Adam about the move and perhaps should have done so. As at January 20th I have the page working again. I have had to take the script for the music off and have added links to make the music playlist. It is not great but I do have a list of the music on the Playlist. In trying to add Coppermine as an app I miserabley fouled up the whole page again. And stressed over that with no help from the Godaddy text chat help people, as fixing this mistake was 'not their department'; for weeks, until I finally got it sort of fixed. I am sure there is a lot of stuff wrong with it, as it is an ancient coding cobbled together. I do not think my design of my page would work in Word Press or any other kind of website builder.

On September 20, 2020, I got notices from Godaddy that my domain names were transferred to another registrar. Also that there was some sort of malware on my site and I should contact them about it. Lovely bunch of coconuts, aren't they?
As at November 15, 2020, I have signed off my Godaddy account and will be using Trevor and Luke's hosting, etc. for my web page. They cannot seem to get all of the albums I made with the old photoshop to show on the web. I get the old 'forbidden' and error for all of them. I do not know how to fix that either. I am slowly becoming reconciled to redoing all of the old photoshop albums with the simple photo album generator that I have been using for the last while. I also want to get a script or something to make a comments, questions, and answers type of a page in place of the guestbook. Anyone know how I can do this?
As at January 30, 2021 I am recreating the old gardening albums with updates to the albums. I am rather enjoying this walk into the past.

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2020 Changes

As at September 26, 2020, moved my website hosting to Computers on Wheels. As at November 4, 2020 I have cancelled my Godaddy account. I have moved my hosting, domains, etc. to Trevor and Luke at Computers on Wheels. We are unable to get the photo albums created with Old Adobe Photoshop, to show on the internet. So, I am going to be re-creating all the albums that do not work.
As at January 30, 2021 I am recreating the old gardening albums with updates to the albums. I am rather enjoying this walk into the past.

Pages that are 'forbidden' 403 error These are all albums created with the old adobe photoshop.

Albums from on the GARDENING page:
- Recreated and uploaded February 27, 2023
April: - Recreated and uploaded January 25, 2023
- recreated August 15, 2023.
As of August 15, 2023, the monthly garden albums
January to December are all recreated and working.
Paths and Art:
- Recreated and uploaded January 30, 2021
Parts of the Water page are forbidden:
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and uploaded by December 15, 2020
- Recreated and uploaded by January 15, 2021
- Recreated and uploaded by January 15, 2021

Albums from on the PHOTOGRAPHY page are forbidden: 403 error
- Recreated and uploaded January 31, 2021
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and uploaded by December 15, 2020
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
Have remade the album - Nov. 24, 2020
- recreated and it works.

- Up loaded with a $63.00 help session with Trevor on Nov. 26, 2020. The server needs the index pages to be 'i' with a lower case. I need to learn how to run File Zilla.(The $63. charge should certainly be incentive to learn the File Zilla) As at June 15 I have managed to learn how to delete old albums and upload the new ones. They work provided I have the coding right.

Albums on the TRAVEL page menu
Pages that are 'forbidden' 403 error
These are all albums created with the old adobe photoshop
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and loaded November 19, 2021
- Recreated and loaded December 29, 2021
- Recreated and loaded February 27, 2022
- Recreated and loaded April 30, 2022
- Recreated and loaded November 30, 2022
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated with more photos. It works.
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works
- Recreated and it works

This is on the CARS page - Model Ts
- Recreated and it works.


The Driveway Garden Strip room Uploaded in 2023
Driveway Strip garden room Photo album Uploaded in 2023
Boquets (on silver) Photo Album uploaded September 16, 2023
Boulevard (silver) Photo Album Uploaded: October 20, 2023
Boulevard Garden Room Uploaded: October 25, 2020
Water2020 uploaded January 25, 2024
Fish Pond uploaded January 25, 2024
Animals in the garden Uploaded February 4, 2024

which is part of the 1996 Rocky Mountain Tour with the RROC and BDC

CARS page:
On the RROC and BDC page:

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