Pre 1989 Travel Logue

This is the Travel Logue for some of the Pre 1989 trips taken from my Travel Journal. These travel notes are taken from the first recordings made in my Travel Journal.
The Travel Journal notes have been extended to the present time. Some of the trips contain comprehensive notes right on the Albums. These albums are noted in the list of travel for each year.







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There were many other trips not included in the Travel Journal enteries on this page.
In 1971 we drove our Volkswagon Beattle to Toronto, Niagara Falls from Saskatoon to visit George and Henri and family and Larry and Jean
A trip to California with Dave and Irene Ehman in 1973 in our Volkswagon Fastback was one of the first of our travels.
In 1972 we went to a car show in Billings, Montana with Bill Lehane. A thoroughly enjoyable 2 day trip.
In late 1978, after Pat was in a horrible car accident( due to misjudgement of the icey road conditions by the other driver) we started to look at moving to the West Coast. We visited Victoria in 1979, and in 1980 we moved to Burnaby. We did not do much travelling in the ensuing years, except to attend weddings, funerals or other family events. In 1984 we moved to Victoria. The photos from touring visiting friends around the Island, such as Gerry and Bev Anderson and children visiting Cathedral Grove, and the trip to Alaska will be shown on other photo albums of the travel page.

The Pre 1989 photo album Includes photos from our trip to Padre Island, Texas, USA, in 1977.
Some photos from our trip to Mexico in 1976, when we were on a bus tour. We left from Puerto Vallarta and visited Guadalahara, Las Hadas, and other places that are not included in my journal notes.
Some photos from our trip to the Bahamas (Freeport) and on the Fantome sailing ship for a cruise in the Caribbean with stops at Gun Cay, Gorda Cay, Abaco, Aruba, Bimini, in 1975.
Photos from touring friends to Chemainus and its Murals, Cathedral Grove of the ancient tall trees, Petrogliffs in East Sooke Park (the Gandalf photo of Fran).
Photos of the MC (Ralph) who seemed to be the person of choice for mc at weddings and the one to do the euology at funerals, photo of me at work at my desk in Moose Jaw in 1973 (photo credit to Mr. Whittaker). The over the roof tops is a photo from the deck of our home at 1106 Loenholm some time in 1988, I presume.

The Trip to the Bahamas in 1975
On the Fantome of the Windjammer Cruises
Pat learned of the Windjammer cruise from Doug McGregor of Pilot Butte.
He wore the hat of the Insurance Agent, the Travel agent and probably a few more hats of the small town.

February 1975. The Bahamas

Friday, January 31
- Drove from Moose Jaw to Minot, North Dakota after work. Had a spot of trouble with the car at Capri, 30 miles from Minot. A new tank of gas, and it seemed to clear up the problem.

Saturday, February 1
- Very cold weather until we get down to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we run into freezing rain. Long driving day to spend the next night at Sioux City, Iowa; after seeing Jamestown, North Dakota and the ranching country in the area, and into big trees and hills, and rivers by days end.

Sunday, February 2
-We get gas at Kansas City Missouri, having gone through more hilly, ranching country. Corn cribs in the fields and little calves. Lunch at Gradview just out of Kansas City. Supper at Howard Johnson's at Springfield and back to our Motel #6, in Springfield, Missouri by about 8:30. Nice to have a bit of a rest. Very good day.

Monday, February 3
Left Springfield after breakfast in a posh cafetteria. Drove across Missouri and Arkansas, going through the Baston Mountains, starting at Springfield and ending at about Clinton, Arkansas. Meadow Lark song, armadillo, squirrel - ranching country and then the hills, stone houses, beautiful mansions and terrible shacks, cotton fields. 40 - 50 degree temperatures. Through forest from Natchez to Baton Rouge where we over nite.

Tuesday, February 4
Left Baton Rouge at 9:30 and arrived at the Marie Antoinette Hotel in the middle of the French Quarter, in New Orleans, at about 12:00. Fantastic room! Huge bed, shag rug, bell boy. We walk around the Quarter for a couple of hours - narrow streets, tiny shops and lots of tourists, fed the pigeons in Jackson Square. Out to Antoine's for supper -- Shrimp Creolo, delicious. We go out and see more of Bourbon Street at night. We missed the Mardi Gras by just a couple of days. Phoned John and Norma and plan to be at their place tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 5
Early start. Its a long day driving what seems to be the scenic route and finally get to John and Normas place in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I have no notes of day as I was too tired to write. But I remember the citrus tree orchards and lovely weather.

Thursday, February 6.
Rained 68 degrees. John took us to Florida Downs horse races. Rob Roys for cocktails and most tasty dinner by Norma. I had taken too long soaking in the tub.

Friday, February 7
they took the Volkswagon to the shop to fix the brakes, Pat and John golfed and Norma and I stayed home and talked -- did some laundry. Alley and Molly arrived about 3:30 -- more drinks and another delicious dinner.

Saturday, February 8
Pat got the car and it cost $100.00 to have the repairs done. We drove about a bit, bought a caqrd for Norma's birthday tomorrow, and back to the house, watched a movie, cocktails (which I skipped and John thought I was sick. O well) and dinner.

Sunday, February 9
Early start the next morning after coffee with Norma and John. Norma gives us grapefruit and oranges to eat on the way. Arrive at the Airport in Fort Lauderdale about 2:00. Fly out on a DC3 to Freeport, Bahamas where we have some trouble sorting out our room reservations. We go to dinner and the casiono with Randy and Jim Meeks. Our room closes at 12:00 tomorrow and our baggage goes to the bell captain until we can board our boat at 5:00 tomorrow.

Monday, February 10
Humid, warm weather. Breakfast and shopped a bit for sun tan lotion, sunglasses, hat for me, Pat has a pint at the Winston Churchill pub -- authentically imitation British. Meet 6 more people from the cruise in the lobby and we all caught a cab to the harbor. Chicken for supper on board and then a sort of party. Our sailing ship is the Fantome.

Tuesday, February 11
Cloudy warm in the morning. Pat did some post cards, got some stamps from Jim and mailed them. The sun came out a bit later and it got quite hot. We had a couple of drinks and talked to Heintz Breitter most of the moring. They towed the Fantome out of the harbor and put up the sails (not much wind) and we were underway. The motion got to me so I went down for a nap, and Pat joined me for a while. He went up for supper, but I could not make it and missed supper. We up later for some cheese and crackers. Apparently, there were others who didn't make it.

Wednesday, February 12
Pat bought some snorkelling gear and we took the boat boat ashore. There was a trip in the little boat -- we climb over the side of the Fantome and drop into the motor boat to go ashore to an island. Pat goes snorkelling and back to the Fantome. Spent the morning mostly with John and Janet and came back and had lunch, listened to Jim's taped music and had a drink before supper. Suntanned in the afternoon. Very nice relaxing day.

Thursday, February 13
Missed breakfast. Cloudy, hot day. Took an early boat to Glen Cay. Scruffy little island with a lighthouse at one end Howard Hughes pink bomb shelter at the other end of the island. Pat snorkels, we bring back some shells. Back to the boat early because of a wind storm and there is rain about 2:00. At story time the Captain announces that there has been a $100.00 stolen. Puts a bit of a cloud over the whole trip. -- fish for supper.

Friday, February 14
Cloudy, cooler day. Breakfast and sat around in the sun up top. Pat went over to Gorda Cay 'till about 4:00. Barbequed steak for supper. Nothing happening at night, except drinking and people being asses. The bar has been open 24/7 since we boarded the ship, so there is a lot of drinking going on. Rumour has it that Heintz lost the $100.00.

Saturday, February 15.
We are at Abaco. Did some snorkelling and really liked it. We found a squid that squirted a magenta colored stuff when we poked it. Brought back some conche shells (creature still inside) that were given to us by a young lady from the Island. One of the crew members shook the creature out of the shell for us. We were on the last boat back to the ship and the boat quit. I was cold and wet when we finally got back. Champagne and turkey for supper and party for our last night aboard. Rough night of sailing, actually motoring.

Sunday, February 16
Packed in the morning. Everything is smelly and damp. To the airport and took off on our flight in an easter egg that flew like a chicken. I enjoyed the ride, but Pat's stomach was a bit upset. Touched down in West Palm and went on to Ft. Lauderdale on a better flight. Took about an hour to get out of airport parking lot and had a nice drive to John and Norma's where we had a bath as soon as we could and then later to sleep.

Monday, February 17
Good rest and got up quite late. We left about 1:00 and arrived at Tifton, Georgia, after a short stop for supper, at 7:00. Did our laundry, and laying around reading maps and catching up my diary, watching tv, chatting about the cruise. Was a good day.

Tuesday, February 18
breakfast about 8:30. It is raining heavily. We later heard there was a tornado that caused some damage about 10 miles south of Macon which we had driven through. Had lunch at a Kentucky fried chicken place at Cartersville, then did some shopping ... 3 stores in the same little mall going out of business. Pat got a shirt for $1.75. Continued on our way; stopped at a Kenaston Mills Factory store where Pat got his green suit. Hilly, red ground and green grass -- beautiful scenic country. Ranching, pecans, peanuts, peaches. Stopped at a Days Inn at Nashville, supper at Dennys and laying around watching tv and mapping our route for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19.
Overcast day. Rolling rocky country, pigs and goats on farms, horse ranches. Left Tennessee and drove through Kentucky. Stopped for lunch just outside of Jonosborough, Illinois. Had just previously gone across Lake Barkley then Land Between the Lakes (rec. area) and then Lake Kentucky. Very pretty country. Sign - 'cover it with mud - Insurance Agent. Arrived in St. Louis where we followed our maps to a Motel #6 for $9.85 beside the airport. Nice room but shitty tv. Supper at Sambo's. St. Louis, Mo. is big and sprawling and rather nice.

Thursday, February 20.
Breakfast at Sambo's. Then went shopping at Sears. Pat bought a turtle neck sweater and a belt. I got a white pant suit. Left St. Louis about noon, fine sunny day. Farm lands, flat, smaller trees. Stopped in Hannibal and poked around the Mark Twain Museum and Tom Sawyer's house, etc. Very authentic looking stuff donated by people who are still from the area. Had lunch at the Mark Twain Hotel. Very old place must have been very elegant about 50 years ago. Then drove on up to Waterloo, Iowa and got a room at the Quality Inn for $18.45. Delicious pizza at Tony's for supper. Watching tv and reading. Snow began at Hannibal.

Friday, February 21
Breakfast in the cafe this morning. There had been a Legal Secretary's Convention happening. Cold dull day driving. Lunch at St. Cloud, Minnesota. More driving. Heard forecast for a blizzard but were going on to Jamestown. Didn't see any sign of a storm until about 10 miles out of Jamestown. Then arrive and hear there is a wrestling tourmant going on as well. No vacancies in any motels. Directed to Chamber of Commerce who billetted us in the Westminster Dorm of the James College. Mr. Wilson has given us bedding. Both of us grumpy.

Saturday, February 22
Got up, collected up the bedding and took it back to Mr. Wilson and toodled off to Minot, North Dakota where we shopped - $5.00 pants and $40.00 for two dresses. Warm, sunny day. Got to customs and a lady checked us thoroughly. She was new. Arrived in Weyburn at about 6:00 and had supper and a very nice visit with Dale and Cheryl. They are quite happy. Mark is a little dear. Was great to see them. Got home about 1:00 and promptly huddled in the kip.

Sunday, February 23
Slept in, 35 degrees. Beautiful day. Breakfast at Smitty's. Laundry day and Pat catching up on his reading and phoned his Mom. Back to work on Monday

The Trip to Mexico in 1976

Unfortunately, I have no notes in my travel journal for this trip.
Fly to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (5 hour flight from Edmonton). Some Beach time, a day in Town and a fiesta back at our hotel. Bus tour to Manzinillo, Guadalahara, Las Hadas, and back to Puerto Vallarta. I have no notes of the rest of this trip, sorry to say, as it was an interesting and fun bus tour. A supper ar Carlos O'Briens was a memorable event.

February 1977. Driving Trip to Padre Island, Texas, USA

February 1977 - Travel Padre Island February 4th
Left North Battleford at about 3:30 on a 21 degree, sunny day, in the new Scriocco Volkswagon. Arrived in Swift Current about 6:00 and to Willy Wong's for supper. Pat phoned Kinches (Maureen and Greg and kids Michael, Robby and Christine). They are just back from Arizona. Back to our Safari Motel at $17.85 per night. Nice drive today, fine weather.

February 5th
Toast, coffee breakfast at Voyageur. To Port Monchy customs by 10:00, lunch at Malta, dinner at Sambo's in Billings, Montana. All very good, but under staffed. To Motel 6 for an early evening. The day's weather was excellent with temperatures in the mid 40's. Sunny in Southern Montana. 377 miles from Swift Current.

February 6th
Early start. Drove for 2 hours through fog on an Indian Reservation. Stopped at a very nice restaurant at Sheridian Wyoming for ham and eggs at about 10:00. Rough, wild looking country, odd shapped rocks, rolling hills, redish soil, oil wells, many cattle and sheep, few towns. 476 miles to our stop at Cheyenne and the Firebird Best Western Inn at $17.00 making 37.5 miles per gallon. Stopped earlier for beer at Casper -- new, prosperous looking town of approximately 39,000 or so. Cheyenne is also new and prosperous looking and is the capital of Wyoming. Supper at a pizza place, good enough. Out of the snow after Sheridan. Very dry year. Quiet night at the Motel.

February 7th
Leisurely start and breakfast and drive to Denver. Temperatures in the 50s. Colorado seems very populated after Wyoming. Denver seems big and noisy and dirty, for all their fancy big housed suburbs. Lunch at Howard Johnson's beside Colorado Springs. Nice place under Pike's Peak. Now we are at Pueblo in the Town House Motel at $20.00. Supper at their restraurant. No big deal today at all. Washed the car at Denver. TV and sleep.

February 8th
Late start. Breakfast at the late 1890s restraurant. Terrible coffee, old bat of a waitress. Fairly warm today. Lovely drive through the mountains, through New Mexico to Raton and through Raton Pass. Browns and golds and reddish colors in the rocks and bushes and grass. Lunch at Clayton, N.M. at the Nu-way Salon. Amarillo, Texas at the Motel 6. Just wearing sweaters. Supper at Long John Silver's. Pat says it is the MacDonalds of the fish food. These Texans shore doo tauk funny. Broke my curling iron this morning.

February 9th
Breakfast at Denny's. Delicious French toast. Easy drive to Big Spring which is over half way to San Angelo from where we are now. Shopped at Big Spring, got new curling iron and a pear of beach shoes made out of used Mexican car tires. I like 'em. Weather is fine, seems like 65 or 70 degrees. Flat land, cotton gins, people out working the land on tractors. Scrubby bushes and a few cactus. Girl at the shoe store wanted to know if Canada was near Buffalo. Staying at Inn of the West. Fine room, good food. Lousy band at Club Seville, far too loud. We'll see what the bill is tomorrow. $19.00 and drinks.

February 10th
Breakfast at the Inn of the West. Nice place. Drive through the 'hill country' (fair sized hills) in the rain, 65 - 70 degrees, at least. Yellow ground, sheep ranches, more and more cactus, trees with green leaves, grass getting greener as we go along. Coffee at Menard in the middle of the hills and sheep. Beef sandwich at an Arby on our way into San Antonio and poked around a Mall across the street from there. Seems like a nice city. Then to a Motel 6 at $10.95. Supper at Howard Johnson's. I had clams. Having a quiet night in front of our black and white tv again. Pat notes: Scirocco = 43.62 miles per imperial gallon!!

February 11th
Late start. Rained last night. Everything is fairly fresh looking except our room that smelled like a cow. Breakfast at Pleasanton. I had grits with my ham and eggs. Tastes like porridge. Sunny, cloudy, warm and muggy day. Lots of green trees and grass. Paddy did real fine, amazing how he finds the right roads. No trouble finding the Surfside. Fairly fine place. Got some groceries ($15.00) at the 7 11 down the road from here. Then napped and layed around a bit. Terribly foggy. fog warnings to motorists on tv. But we made it across the causeway and stopped at the first place we saw to eat. Pizza. One huge pizza with anchovies and everything at the Villa. Got a cheese one free to take home. Then home to the kip and watch tv.

February 12th
We are at the Surfside Apts., Corpus Christie, Texas. Orange juice, offee, Paddy trying to catch some sleep. I'm telling him he is trying to catch the Camarista. Sunny morning. Spent the day driving around the city, seeing things, shopping. Had a look at the harbor and marina. Lunch at the Hotel Restraunt where we could watch the boats come in. All sorts of yachts and fishing boats tied up. Pat bought an attaqche case at Levines' and we got a few good provider things for the Apartment. Fairly weary from a lot of walking. Were at Cooper's Alley but it was closed. Layed around for a few hours then out to the Airport to Fran. Sat up 'till 2:00 visiting.

February 13th
O.J. and coffee. Mass at 12:00 at St. Andrews open air cement church on the island. Was nice. Lunch at the Red Carpet Inn across the street from our place. Lady at the desk here gave us some info on the cost of each unit - $33,000 - and the whole set up. Lots on the beach front $22,000 - $25,000. Pretty high. Walked along the walk at the beach and watched surfers in wet suits and frizby freaks for an hour or so. Beach is packed with cars, people and dogs. Sat around and chatted 'till 6:30 ish. Supper at JB's Crab Pot. Shades of Carlos O'Brien's. We are all stuffed and full of wine. Home to watch a bit of tv and sleep. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, living/dining room and a kitchen.

February 14th
Pat and Fran up early, breakfast in and out for a chat with some of the people. I slept 'till about 11:00. Can't seem to get enough sleep. Sandwiches for lunch and downtown to shop. Pat bought jeans and a shirt at J C Penny's and a paper about old cars. Stopped at Chamber of Commerce to ask about Urhoff Park. No luck. Fran got Towels and sesame street jeans for the kids and gauchos with a lovely belt for Brenda. Bought an egg poacher. Then had a holiday in the grocery store buying goodies for supper. Struck out on getting fresh shrimp. Nice supper anyway with Manhattens (Rob Roys) for a warmer upper. TV and sleep.

February 15th
Breakfast of toast, coffee, oj, eggs poached in the new gadget. Rainy, grey looking day today. Pat made breakfast. Went dowtown to shop again. Cooper's Alley in gaslight square. Patti's cache is closed. It would be a neat little tourist attraction if they could get the shops to stay in business. I bought India draw string pants and Fran got a righ for Michael at the Rock Shop. Then we stopped at another Levine's. Fran got 3 sets of sheets for about $30.00. Good deal. I bought some cotton, blue pants and a shirt to go with my India pants. I like 'em and some shoes for $8.88. Then supper at Luiciano's after a beer stop at the Cantina Sante Fe (all wood inside). Supper was fine (Pat and Fran) (I didn't really get off on the place) Home to watch tv and talk and we all got sleepy. Sleep time approximately 10:30.

February 16th
Pat and Fran up first again. When I finally got up they'd had coffee and toast. Pat did the dishes. Cool day. People sitting down by the pool in the sun. Took a drive down the Island as far as we could drive. More and More sand dunes and just little shells to pick along the beaches. Campers and fishermen. Stopped and had our cheese and crackers and wine for lunch. Got back home and Pat and I went for a swim and Fran made supper. Potatoe soup, salad and cold meats. Watched "A man called horse" on tv and the news and to bed. Bought a plaque and my seahorse at the malaquite beach gift shop.

February 17th
Early breakfast and on the road by 9:30. To Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico - 150 mile drive. Much warmer down there, its in a valley. Arrived there about 12:30, lunch at a Mr.Q, very much Spanish spoken. Charral Days Parade fouling up traffic, people in places of work all gad up in fancy cowboy outfits. Through customs, over a bridge (Rio Grande River). picked up by an insistent informative Taxi took us to "the old market" where "Joe, here, sells the best Mexican junk". Fran bought a copper braclet. I felt like buying out the place, but bought a sombrero and a little onyx critter. Then on home, stopped at Kingsville for supper.. scrumcious dinner at The Round Table. On our way to the car we were asked by a Austin Texas guy for a ride to his car. (I forget the details attached to this happening..something about helping accident victims or something like that) Then home to tv, etc.

February 18th
Sleep in in the morning again. Fran and Pat seem to insist on getting up in the morning. Dip in the pool, drive to Port Aransas to see the boats and harbor and all. Houses built up on poles, park their boats, picnic tables and kiddies swings under the houses. Its a real fisherman port, boat kind of a place. Very nice and relaxing and interesting place. Artsy sort of. Bought some fresh shrimp and cleaned them after cooking them. Delicious with salad and toast for supper. Warm sunny day. Perfectly lazy day in fact. tv etc.

February 19th
Fran up at 7:30 and beach combing. I slept in again. Then did some laundry and we all sat out in the sun for awhile. Paddy made some very good rob roys. Then out to dinner at Gallagher's steak house. Delicious steak and prime rib for supper. The weather has been fine all week. Today has been the nicest yet. There is usually a cool breeze. TV, etc.

February 20th
Up earlier today and used the egg cooker to make shrimp, onion and egg things in it. Then off to Mass at St. Andrews by the Sea. Paddy bought my red squall sweater from the Red Carpet Inn Gift Shop. Then into the car and off to Port Aransas and took the ferry to Aransas Pass. Shrimp trawlers and harbor buildings and all. Then overland to Corpus Christie (about 20 miles) Drove around the harbor at Corpus Christie. Big ship loading grain from a terminal and big trucks bringing in the grain to the terminal. Other tug boats, and Mobile, Texaco, and Greek ones (oil). Then supper at Sambos and home to quafe beer and Fran to pack.

February 21st
Left Padre Island under cloudy skies, humid and warm. Mom's flightt left at 9:45 - we left at 11:30, drove through Corpus Christie, across port bridge, up to Austin and over night at Waco - Nice Motel 6. Buffet style supper at Knights Inn, slow night there, possibly due to Washington's Birthday holiday. Seems odd, children are in school but some businesses, banks, closed. Interesting cars in the Motel locale -- 40's cool coupe, 450 SL Mercedes, VW audi dealership has Porsche 924s @$9883.00; F.I. Scirocco $5400. Late night last night (12:30 am) early morning (7:00) left us tired most of the day. Cofee stop at Karnes City (?) munched on tangelo cheese and crackers en route. Fatal capture of large brown cricket like (2")insect in motel. struck with 10.5 shoe. Austin hilly and scenic. we are at Waco for the night.

February 22nd
Fairly lazy start, breakfast at Denny's, 76 degrees which is exceptionally warm here for this time of the year. High winds. Farmers out in the fields working the land. Some crops coming up.; Red soil and new green wheat growing. Oklahomans talk funny as says the girl at the Dairy Queen "they laughed at me in Boston" Over the toll road from the border to Witchita, Kansas, cost us a dollar. Stopped for coffee at about Blackwell and saw something that looked like a serious fire -- nothing on the news about it. At the Wedley Motor Hotel at $18.00. Supper at Brown's Grill was good. Ha thunder, lightning, wind and rain storm about 8:00. tv - Dirty Dozen.. sleep.

February 23rd
Breakfast and gas and a few miles down the road. It has cooled off considerably after the storm. Still fairly windy. Had a nap in the car. The land is flat with bushes growing here and there. Houses beginning to have basements in them. More little creeks and rivers. Early tough driving in the wind... call it the Dorothy experience ... Got into Nebraska a few miles and it began to rain, turning into snow and sleet. Stopped at a Motel at YHourk and it seemed to clear up, so we set out again. Just got out of the other side of town and couldn't see the road in front of us. Back to town and got a room at the Motel at $14.42 about 3:30. Supper at a diner behind the Motel. Read, tv kip

February 24th
Early start, breakfast at the diner, gas downtown where Pat told the gas jockey "the kid must always look like a tourist where ever he takes her" after the guy remarked about our having been to Mexico. Tough day on the road. Only made 200 miles from about 8:30 to 4:30 with a stop for lunch. They have just had a storm (they need all the moisture) Here snowed piled up every where, roads icy, slushy and its windy with light snow blowing around. Mostly flat country, creeks, cows, people don't have trouble understanding us now, at all. Seems to be the end of the baketball season. Lunch at The Tavern in Mitchell. A double decker bridge at Yankton (border of Nebraska and South Dakota) over the Missouri River -- its a big one -- had the top deck closed - road construction, not the storm. Supper at the coffee shop that turned out to be a bowling alley as well. The waitresses were also cutting it up in the kitchen in a not too very apetizing manner. sigh.. Still windy outside. We are at Huron South Dakota over night. Waltons on tv and I'm reading my book.

February 25th
Fairly early start, breakfast on the way out of town. Roads terribly icy, cars in the ditches every where. Got stuck in the very middle of the road in a snow drift when the truck in front of us slowed down too much. Three guys bailed out of the Jack Rabbit Lines bus behind us and pushed us out. Coffee break at Redfield. Then on our way again. Got to Jamestown about 1:30 for lunch. Just after Jamestown we get out of the snow and the highway is clear. Smooth sailing the rest of the way to Minot. Had a scotch and water and went to the K Mart for a present for my Mom and a book for my Dad. Supper at Mr. Jack's fancy place. I ordered Lobster Tail at market price. Turned out to be $14.75. Have to stand in the corner. Then bout Bob and Bill's booze and back to our room at the Walsh Motel at $14.00. Nice enough place. (Minot, ND) We get the gripe and have to go to sleep. Pat watching tv.

February 26th
Under way by 9:00 after breakfast at a truck stop on our way out of town. Roads clear. Cold outside. end of my notes. Guess we made it home on the 26th.


1976 - December - Pat and Bill to London and bought the Bentley.

December 14 or 15, 1977
Pat is in a bad car crash on his way to Adjuster's meeting in Saskatoon. Hospitalized for 10 days. And then back to Brenda's house at Christmas time. She is in Edmonton and we are here. Broke one of everything: arm, leg, smashed ankle, collar bone, right forearm, crushed vertabrae, ring finger broken, lower bowel surgery, smashed ankle. Was at home for a while and got back to work after having his long leg cast cut down lower. We bought the Toyota truck so he could drive the automatic.


1978, July
- Summer holidays to the Car Show at Great Falls, Montana. Bill Lehane with us. Saw Swift Current park on the way back home.


February 1979. A scouting trip to Vancouver Island

Since I have no pictures from this snowy trip through the montains I am using a wintery photo from 2006 in our back yard in Victoria

February 3, 1979
Left home 9:45 a.m. - 30 degree temperature - very cold. Lunch at Lloydminster. Gas at Vegerville. Arrive at Edmonton at 2:30. (slight loss of way through the city) Colleen, John and Knight happy to see us. Arrived earlier than expected. Went grocery shopping with John, checked Princess Auto for cable type tire chains, had none. Met Ed Proder, who thinks we won't need any. Excellent dining at Convention inn (?). Home to cointreau and capiccino, chat with Bonnie at Hotel MacDonald by telephone. To bed by 12:45 local time.

February 4, 1979
Late start this morning. To Mass at 12:00. Scrumptious lunch of scrumpets and poached eggs. All had a nap after lunch. Then supper at 9:00 and kip time at 12:00. Fran phoned.

February 5, 1979
About -20 degrees on leaving Edmonton at 10:00. Clear roads to Jasper, lunch at Smitty's where Pat found a socially conscientious statement in the bathroom: "Save the Orlons". Tough driving after Jasper, icey roads, some sanded and salted. A little better after Valemount. Stopped at Clearwater (been downhill all the way from Jasper) at the Wildwood at $21.00. Supper up the road about half a mile. Okay grub. About -8 degrees here. Been a warm, overcast day. Pat phoned Isabel and got directions and said we were coming tomorrow mid afternoon. About 9 hours driving to there.

February 6, 1979
Coffee and early start. Down through Kamploops (got lost). Fairly good drive. Supper with Salis, Ted and Kelly home from school. John and Isabel redoing their home - 10 acres of orchard, 2 cows, chickens, pickers shack, etc. It suits them well and they seem happy with it all. Worst winter they've ever had pp lots of snow and can't prune their fruit trees. Curtis land for sale - 10 acres for orchard for $125,000 to $130,000. Not for us -- too much work.

February 7, 1979
Lovely breakfast of Sali's own apple juice and homemade sausage. Yummy good and creme de caco to top it all off. Left there about 10:30, sunny 2 - 4 degrees. To Penticton -- alright drive. After that the roads get icey and windy, lots of 60 and 40 kilometer corners. Pretty tough driving to Hope. Then out of the mountains and on to nice straight No. 1 highway. Got a little bit lost trying to find Kingsway into Burnaby. (Lloyd says to take "Wellington") Arrived 7:30, lovely supper and sample numerous homemade wines. They have a huge spacious home but it is a home, not a show place. Another home up the block going for $115 - $118, 000. To sleep in Pam's room in the basement which is actually ground level. Everyone is fine.

February 8, 1979
Left Jo and Lloyd's at about 11:30. Overcast day, turning into a steady light rain. Caught the ferry, the Lady Cowichan, for Nanaimo at 1:00. Had lunch on board. Arrived about 3:00. Drove to Duncan. Lunch at Erin's -- raining. Through high mountains called Malahat Pass. Its lovely -- still raining. Arrived Victoria -- eventually found The Royal Scott Inn at $22.00 a night (off season). A wee kitchen and a very nice place. A short rest and then a walk to the Beaver Pub, further walk for pizza and taxi back. Warm out. Just wearing sweaters. It quit raining about 8:30.

February 9, 1979
Breakfast at the Swiftsure, across the street, coffee shop. Cloudy day, fairly warm, no rain. Walked about the downtown area of the Inner Harbor. Pat bought his new pipe and had quite a chat with the man in the pipe shop. Discovered Trounce Alley. Back to the Beaver for some beer. The place was crowded as it was lunch time for the working people. Then back to hotel and slept a bit. Got up and decided to go to see Lord of the Rings at 7:00 and have dinner after. The show was not great and all the little eat places (Jason's in Bastion Alley) were closed. Finally had dinner in the Empress lobby -- back to hotel and sleep.

February 10, 1979
Fairly late start. Drove some and ound a car wash, cloudy day not raining, about 7 or 8 degrees, breakfast back at the Swiftsure. Went to the car museum, nice, beer at the Beaver after shopping around through the Harbor Shopping Mall. Then through Reynolds and some fnacy china and silver shop. Back to hotel and napped. Supper at Jason's - crab shrimp crepe - was lovely. Back to hotel to drop off the car and then walked down to the Beaver for a few. The kids in the pub seem younger and younger. Discussed plans for Victoria. I can't quite believe it, so am slightly reticient about plans. Pat thinks we should see a real estate agent to see what is available. Back to hotel to tv and kip.

February 11, 1979
Late start, got our room changed. No kitchen, same $22.00 rate. Went to Smitty's for breakfast. Then through the Marine Museum. Back to hotel and napped. Read some real estate ads. Out to supper at the White Spot. Back to hotel to read more ads and watch TV. Its a rainy day, fairly warm.

February 12, 1979
Breakfast at the Swiftsure, rainy day. Did the laundry and read some book. Went and found a real estate agent - Royal Trust - Connie Reynolds. She and ___ Campbell talked to us and showed us some properties they thought we might like and told us to come back tomorrow. Phoned Aunt Vi and went over for supper. Phyllis and Bob and a sister in law came along after sujpper. Nice house, lot of work gone into yard and house. Charlie just a day out of the hospitall Aunt Vi working half days. Got a lot of good info about working conditions, etc. Back to hotel, wind storm coming up.

February 13, 1979
Up fairly early to make our 10:00 o'clock appointment. Rainy, colder day. It did storm last night, lotta wind damage at Abbottsford. Drove around looked at Mark Lane propery for $21,900 - 1/2 acre, waterfront lots in Colwood from $32,500 to $45,000. 2 lots in Saanich- farms, flat, no trees for $15,500. Pat likes the Gorge area. Would be nice to have one right on the river with boat in back. There are places in the area for $50,ooo to $45,000, etc., but the waterfront ones would be more and there are none in the paper, scarce as well as expensive. Have to watch about water sewer building restrictions and a lot more we probably don't know about. 4:00 and napped till 6:00 - news and out for supper to the White Spot and back to room and tv.

February 14, 1979
Slept in till about 10:00. Breakfast at the Swiftsure, packed and checked out. Drove around Dallas Street -- hugh mansions on waterfront. Its lovely. Drove through a wee forest in Saanich called Queenswood. Big mansions on big lots, but they've left the trees and all growing, its wild looking. Then out to Duncan (past Mill Bay and Lake Shawnigan areas) for lunch, drove around Duncan some. Its a small town. Then to Nanaimo to the Highland Flagg Inn. They have used enough air freshener to freshen the Malahat as well. Yetch! $26.00. Sat around the room, Pat shoered and walked about 7 long blocks to lunch at Mr. Mike's fast food place. Back to room and TV. I do NOT get good vibs here. Land is cheaper.

February 15, 1979
Fairly late start. Coffee from the lobby. Then down to the Harbour Mall. Coffee and sandwiches at the cafeteria and I decided to get my hair cut. Cut and perm took about 4 hours for $57.00. Pat wandered around the Mall. The Craven Foundation has 6 cars in the Mall. Pat bought a ski jacket. Back to our room and then out to supper at Jonny the Jazz - pizza and good things to eat on the menu, nice place. Then back to room to TV and Kip. Oh yeah drove around for about an hour looking at fancy homes .. nice and sunny this morning, about 3 degrees, raining at 6:00 p.m. Yesterday 7 skiers died in an avalanche at Golden. Pat has listed the cars from at the Mall, I think: 1913 Simplex, 1901 U.S. Long Distance Hupmobile, 1931 "A" sedan Del (?), 1933 Rolls Phantom II drophead (Barker body), 1930 Ruxton roadster - front drive, woodlites.

February 16, 1979
Left Nanaimo in a drizzle about 4 degrees, smooth crossing, rougher at Nanaimo side. Couldn't agree on staying in Vancouver, so proceeded homeward. Okay until gravel spreader broke windshield and high beam. Stopped to clean windshield -- gareage didn't have sealed beam. Proceeded to Spences Bridge. Replaced S/B with difficulty, assisted by gas jockey. On to Cache Creek, stopped for the night at Oasis -- dinner and evening in pub with Bruce - Yank. Horizontal Driller, Wa. Also Dave, Greyhoud dispatcher. Kip at 1:30. I do not want my Paddy ever driving through the mountains in winter again. We'll fly next time. 8 tunnels between Hope and Spences Bridge.

February 17, 1979
Left Cache Creek about 11:30 after breakfast of toast and coffee. Both a bit hung over. Fairly easy driving to about Tappen (?) when it starts snowing. Shushwap Lake area. Lunch at SAlmon Arm. On to Revelstoke at about 4:00, snowing. Great fat wet snowflakes. Staying at the Sandman for $27.00. Nice place. Slept from about 4:30 to 7:00. Very good dinner, reasonable price -- back to our room and watched TV movie. Then went for beers -- little lounge next to swimming pool, then back to kip. Can hear girls next door talking and cackelling like crows. Gotta get an early start tomorrow.

February 18, 1979
Up about 10:00. Girls next door been yelling around since 7:30. Breakfast downstairs. Heard on the TV that Roger's Pass is going to be open. About 1 foot of snow piled on the car. Still snowing. Left about 11:30. Curvey roads and avalanche areas - about 7 tunnels on the way to Golden. Stopped for a break. Then onward thru the Pass, pretty good roads after that.. Ran into more snow and 1 guy ditched his car on this 'pretty good roads'. Straight stretch - 80 to 90 km/hr. Lots of traffic coming into Banf - down to a line up at 30 to 40 km/hr and some stops. Finally got past that and on to Canmore -- double lane hiway and 110 km/hr speed limit -- no more snow. Get to Calgary 6-ish and 7:30 Calgary timne. Bad time finding the Crowchild Inn -- $25.50 per night, food the pits, watched American Graffitti and news and to kip. 6 degrees in Calgary (Weird weather - It snowed in Alberia today.

February 19, 1979
Pat went to Adjusters meeting with Monty and Lorne Hunter.

February 20, 1979
Wandered around the Park in the shopping mall and around the Mall. I bought a black sweater $39.00 and one for $10.00. Out to dinner with Vern Enns and Beth at the Beefeater and then over to Monty and Kathleen's place for drinks.

February 21, 1979
Cold day - 16 degrees. We slept in till 12:00. Linda phoned Pat back. They are soooo busy we can't possibly get together at all. Went to Brentwood Shopping Mall. Prices are same ridiculous as they are at home. Chinese marching on Vietnam cause Vietnam marches on Cambodia. Russians telling Chinese to cease and desist. Chinese saying okay, in a minute. Bought books and paper and came back to our room. The drudge and had been. Pat got a paper pp his Ipsco, Bow Valley and Alberta Gas Trunk are all up a few $, much to his satisfaction and glee. Went to Denny's in "The Motel Village" for supper and then back to Hotel for a while, then back down to Brentwood Cinema to see Watership Down. Animated good flick. Then back to room to watch the news.

the end of my notes. We must have gone home the next day.

Pre 1989 Travel Logue

The 1980's - Move to B.C. and many other happy events and trips

1980, February 6
- Pat is in Victoria staying with Brenda. He has found a duplex to buy, on Wentwich Road, in Colwood. We get it rented out. We are counting on getting to Victoria to live.

1980, May
- We move to Burnaby. Sometime in 1980 Pat drove the Bentley to Edmonton and John's mother stored it for him at her place. I believe he flew back to Edmonton to pick it up later or perhaps he drove back to Edmonton with Bill. Then Bill and his cousin Bill and Pat drove the Bentley and maybe the Masda back out to Burnaby. Lloyd stores it at his garage and they have the use of our truck for hauling wine casks, etc. When we move into our apartment Bill and The Aunt come with us when we drive out. The Aunt stays at Edmonton and Bill is in the Masda, while Pat drives the truck. The Toyota truck is loaded with all we can cram into the box. The rest of the stuff went to used furniture, books etc. place for auction sale. We have rented out our house in North Battleford to a couple of young ladies and old Mr. Bill Shury is looking after the rental of our other little place. We have a good deal on this 2 bedroom apartment in Burnaby due to Lloyd's friend Larry Ross. Pat goes to work at ICBC. The place is a lot different than SGIO. The traffic to and from the office along Kingsway is rather horrendous. I think we have the Honda at this time and have no idea how Pat managed to get all his vehicles out to Burnaby.

1980, December
Sometime in December Lloyd and Pat purchase Nob Hill Road property and it is rented out. There is an old house and a cottage on almost an acre.

1980 - June 28 - Dad's Funeral at Dysart, July 2 (Larry was there)

1981 - September 21 - Mom's Funeral at Dysart on Sept. 24 Can add grave photos from later year

1982 trip back to Saskatchewan from Burnaby

June 17, 1982
We worked today. Left our apartment (105 - 6950 Linden Ave, Burnaby) at 6:00 pm. Arrived Cache Creek 10:45. Lovely drive. All the mountains lush and green. Fraser River is running rather high - flood time from the mountain runoff is just over. Fraser cresting this week end. Hot, hot day. Has been warm for the last 2 weeks. We have the Honda Accord. Filled up with gas in New West and still have 1/4 tank. Staying at the Oasis at $32.00 for 2 people, 1 bed. Pat put in an application for BI in Victoria on Wednesday, the job closes on the 23rd. Gas is 32.3 /L

June 18, 1982
Up about 7:00 and watched a good tv movie. On the road by about 9:30. Breakfast at Sambo's in Kamploops and then beer in a Blue River Bar. Lovely drive up until Jasper. Some of that drive encompassed dessert (with mountains instead of sand dunes)Hot Hot day. Car temperature gauge off the cool side - unbelieveable! Supper - pizza and beer at "something else" in Jasper - nice place - no roaring hell though. Did a bit of walking about and shopping and then on to Edson at the Sundowner at $38.00 a night - over to the "Quiet Pub" for a beer and bagel. I'm depressed about the flat country and no water and trees. I should be happy about going to see people and sell the houses.

June 19, 1982
Up about 11:00, ran into the Edson rodeo parade on the way out of town. Brunch at Nojak. to John and Colleen's for cold beers. We're too early. Pat and John put the pool together for the kids. Yummy steaks for supper. Another hot day. - 30 degrees.

June 20, 1982
Slept in. John and Colleen and kids off to church. Hot day again. Very good barbecued chicken for supper. Gordon and Ingred over for a visit. They've been to see Gran, she is 90 in July this year and fine. Bonnie over too. Good visits. To kip late again.

June 21, 1982
Hot day. Stopped at NoJak for brunch - on to Delmas for beer and its begining to rain. On to Highgate and the Sidebottom's. Very nice and very new home. Good visit. Kids growing up. Oh yeah, good visit at Lloydminster - John Beek there now. Don Turner in charge. Barb Jamieson doing great as a Adjuster II.

June 22, 1982
Left Sidebottoms about 11:00. Into North Battleford and went to see Kevin and Dave. Karen is the only oldy still working there. Hot day again. Over to SGI and saw far too much of Lorne Orbanowski, and Whittingstahl. Temple in charge, saw him for a minute and Theresa. Everyone away on holidays. Staying at the Townhouse at $28.00 per night. To the Colonnial House for supper and then to see Judy and Diane at 2134 - 'till August 1 to come up with $4500.00. On to the Beaver for beer and back to motel to kip. Have stuff to do tomorrow. 2134 looks good except for the paint, bathroom - -

June 23, 1982
Rained real good last night. Up and had breakfast by myself at the Colonial. Then down to Medhurst and spoke to Bill Shury. Listed 105th at $19,500. To homelands - Bernice will call welfare and get the arrears. To see Kevin and let him know what's doing. Nice gossipy visit with Kevin. Back to Homeland for final arrangements. Pat talked with Gabrich. He suggests we might take a 2nd mortgage from Denton and Szendroy and get $400.00 a month on it so that they can get the down payment. This is feasible. Bill Shury might have a couple of builders to buy 105th. Then off to Saskatoon. Supper out with Bowies and spent the night there. Don seems content at his job now. Heavy into fishing .. good stories.

June 24, 1982

Up at 8:30 and bye Carol. Breakfast at Smitty's in the Grosvenor. Phoned Ron Bird (with UAB now) Tried to fit jeans on my fat body. This was depressing. Drove around a bit and then met Ron for lunch at Sambo's in the Airport industrial complex. Bird is thinking about buying in with Dwayne LeFleur (Christianson's nephew) in Meadow Lake. Bird got into a tiff with Cok when he was up there on the road and left SGI over that. Cok and Fenwich thinking of selling so this would leave the field clear for Bird and LeFleur. On to Wadena to see Fran recarpetting the house, new drapes, etc. She's looking fine. Very much baking, etc., going on. Phoned Linda (Smith) -- going there tomorrow. They just bought a new dry cleaning business.

June 25, 1982
Up about 9:00, had buns (Diefenbaker feather) for breakfast and yummy coffee. Did the laundry. Linda phoned. They are very busy and have no time to see us. -- no matter -- phoned her back and said we would help and not to fuss. We can visit while doing stuff. Off to Melfort. They have just bought Marvel Dry Cleaning.. very busy. Out to supper at La Hacienda - nice time, good visit. Stay over night - Rhonda and Ryan Cluney are the kids.

June 26, 1982
Up and coffeed - down to agency and then back to Wadena about 2:00. Back to Fran's and Bonnie just got home.

June 27, 1982
Fran's birthday - visit - watermelon for luch. To Wynyard to supper and back home. Nice day all 'n all.

June 28, 1982
To the Aunt's - new yard. Pat phoned George Germain, and he phoned back to ICBC - 2 applicants for the job -- looks very promising.

June 29, 1982
Got up fairly late and visited with the Aunt and Bill. Went to the Bank and then saw Jack. Back to the house and walked over to visit with Gerry who's doing not so very well. Shaun visited in the morning too. Off to Fort Qu'appelle for supper and then to see Art and Marlene. Nice visit, on to see Cathy and Ron. Short but good visit. Back to Cupar for the night.

June 30, 1982
Left the Aunt's about 10:30 and on into Regina. Buddy's for lunch and phoned Carol. They're fairly busy -- so over to SGI and visited Lorne Heron. Pat and he caught up on all sorts of stuff and George Germaine had a few minutes to chat. He's coming out to the coast about the 22nd of July. Over to Dan and Carol's at 4:30 - not home yet -- went to Mall and back at 5:00. Carol just got home. Yummy steak supper. Having their 3rd level redone. Carol's mom passed away the end of April. Over to John and Ruth's - windy, cold outside. Went with Adam and Flo to get tables and see their new house. It's nicely redone by them inside and they are now working on the outside. Back to John and Ruth's - Bern phoned. Back to Dan's place for the night.

July 1, 1982
Left Dan's place about 1:30, over to Adam and Flo's untill about 3:30 and over to Whitehouse's. Beers and stuff and out to supper. Back to their place again and out to fireworks. Entertaining commentary by Teddie. Home to more beers and kip. Big thunder storm over night.

July 2, 1982
Left Whitehouse's at about 10:30 and on over to Moose Jaw. Stopped at The Club 71 beside Acton Wheatly's Office and went to see them. Small chat with Cliff and 2 words with Murray. Shirly Gordon works 1 week in every 2. It was her week off. Brunch and on to Maple Creek for coffee. There was heavy rain after Swift Current. On to chicken dinner at Lethbridge and into the foothills. Lovely country. Shop at Blairmore at Sleepee Teepee at $30.00 a night. Got gas today at 35.2

Friday, July 3, 1982
The end of my notes. We must have got home by the 4th or 5th of July.

1982 - Sept 4 - George - funeral Sept. 7 Regina

1983 - nothing ?
1984 - Pat back to Sask. for reunion
1984 - October - Moved to Victoria - apartment until end of December when there is a big snow fall, and we move to Langford as soon as the trucks can get through the snow. We had to give the tenants 2 months notice

1985 - Meehan family reunion at Alice's..
1985 - Donna and Calvins wedding
1985 - Bill and Bev visited us in August at our house on Wentwich.

1986 - Back to Sask. Cheryl and Scott's (McLean) wedding

1987 - Back to Sask - Barry and Margaret's wedding
1987 - December Lottery win

1988 - Mexico again. Few days in Puerto Vallarta at a Holiday Inn on the beach.
1988 - Prince George on May Tour
1988 - Christmas at Loenholm with all the Meehan's present. Brenda is in Victoria at this time and we have a seafood dinner at her place once -- or did we go out for it? Helicopter rides a la John King

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1989 Trip in the BMW to the RROC and BDC events. To New York, to the Maritime Provinces, and back home through Canada. Gone for about 6 weeks.

Wednesday, July 26, 1989 - Victoria to Couer D'Alene, Idaho
Awake at 6:00 and caught the 8:00 ferry. Snoqalmi (McDonald's) for lunch at 1:30. In Couer D'Alene Idaho for supper at 6:30. Between Easton and Vantage there is dry, arid sage brush, very ugly land with every once in a awhile an oasis or slough of green vegation and clear water. To bed by 10:00 - did approximately 400 miles plus the ferry ride. Gasoline was $13.18 to fill it at Vantage. Spokane looks alright. Couer D'Alene is 24,000 population. Very neat place.

Thursday, July 27, 1989 - Cour D'Alene to Sheridian, Wyoming
apx 650 miles, 3 gas stops $12.50, $12.30 and $11.25. Breakfast at Kelloge (Fred's Bar). Old buildings and mining silver, gold, lead -- mountainous. Lunch at Butte, Montana -- cow country. Good beef for lunch. K & B Motel at Sheridian for $26.50. Late supper -- 8:30 or 9:00 at Bazel's neon, movie star pictures, etc. We're very tired. Hot temps outside. We do not notice it in the car. Horrendous electrical storm and rain between Billings and Haridan.

Friday, July 28, 1989 - Sheridan to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Past the old west stuff -- Calamity Jane, Cody, etc. The Bozeman Trail -- cattle country and into more agricultural land just before Sioux Falls. Grow corn, grain, dairy cows. Motel 6 for $32.81 (Tax on everything) 620 miles. Hot and muggy, windy and buggy. A bit of rain. Lunch at a Mr. Chef, not a good supper at Rollin Pin.

Saturday, July 29, 1989 Sioux Falls to Joilet, Illinious
Apx 580 miles. Breakfast at Sioux City McDonald's just into Nebraska, along Missiouri River and then east to a Perkins fine salad place at Des Moines, Iowa. Across Iowa to Joilet Illinious. Corn crops all the way, rain most of the day. Into smog just over the Illinious border. $45.00 Quality Inn at Joilet -- only vacancy left. Were up at 7:30 am and to hotel at 8:30 pm. Long day.

Sunday, July 30, 1989 - Joilet, Illinious to Euclid (near Cleveland, Ohio)
Apx. 350 miles. On toll road (turnpikes) most of the way. Service stops (rest areas) along the road. Cost about $10.00 for the entire way. Rainy, overcast. Lunch or breakfast at a Macdonald's at La Porte (about 50 miles from Joilet, then back on to the toll road and to Cleveland, got lost trying to find Motel 6 and finally found a Chatterhouse Inn at about $38.00. To supper at their Chinese Restuarant for $15.00 buffet. We have a king size bed on the 3rd floor, nice and clean. Late start this morning and early finish. Traffic has been horrendous, including a lot of road construction and trucks. Trees and farms along the road. Smoggy air as we are in the main manufacturing area of the States. We have travelled across the bottom of Lake Michigan across 300 miles of land to the bottom of Lake Erie. Crossed numerous rivers and cannot really see either of the Lakes from the road.

Monday, July 31, 1989 - Cleveland to Binghampton, New York
Apx 350 miles. Late start, overcast. Stop at Painesville, Macdonald's for breakfast. Old neat houses, and then on to Salamanca for lunch (top of Allegany State Park). Into rolling hills and some quite small mountains and farms. We are off the troll road and unto a state road, less traffic and see more of the countryside. Taco and hot dogs at Salamanca, then on to Binghampton for supper, shrimp and prime rib and wine starting at 7:00. Good day. Into Parkway Motel for $48.00. Nice little place, can see a small mountain out our door. Temperatures High: 71. Much cooler at night. West past Chatagua Lake and then past Corning (glassware place) through Elmira. Went a few miles through Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, August 1, 1989 - Binghamton to Stamford, Connecticut
New Yorkers are weird. The country is lovely, hilly and green. Went past the bottom of Catskill Park and across the whole of New York State to cross the Hudson River on the Luppan Zee Bridge and then north to the 8 Days Inn at Stamford. Napped for a while - the traffic is horrid. Then out to eat. Stamford's roads are impossible -- got a map -- still not much help. Did a bit of shopping at a Woolworths (socks and mouth wash, tooth paste) Got lost trying to find our Inn. Drove around and around in a poor black neighbourhood where someone told us to get out of there. Finally found our way to the Hotel. Not a very good day. People are getting more and more weird.

Wednesday, August 2, 1989 - New York, New York
Despite my over whelming trepedation we caught the train for Grand Central Station. Were at the G.S.C by 10:30. Walked down 42nd and then down 57th. Saw St. Patricks Cathedral, did 5 levels of the Trump Tower. Its floor is reddish and lots of brass and glass. I am not impressed. Waterfalling down the wall looks dumb. What impressed Pat was the construction was canter-levered over a pre-existing building. Then a wonderful lunch at New York's #1 Deli and Restuarant. To Central Park (just the Southeast corner which is next to Columbus Circle. Then back up Broadway, caught in a downpour while having ice cream. Stood under the National Hotel awning for about 20 minutes (Some of these awnings have no covering, just the frame for one) and then proceeded to GCS and caught the 3:40 train back to Stamford at 4:45 round trip fare $21.00 and $6.00 parking for the BMW. Went to supper at Ridgeway Plaza - Dogwood Deli good. Then got lost in Stamford again trying to get to the hotel, finally back to beer and tv at 9:00. Quite hot and muggy out, streets in New York get more and more littered as the day goes by. Saw a bag lady at GCS (She had sleeping bags and stuff), numerous other mendicants and shoe shine guys (blacks) A few freaks and quite a lot of suits. Pat got a wallet from Abercrombie and Fitch.

Thursday, August 3, 1989 - Stamford, Conn. to Williamstown, Mass.
Apx 180 miles on #7 Road with 2 way traffic through many quaint New England towns. Very hot, humid. Breakfast at a MacDonald's. It's a long and winding road, very pretty and green, towns close together, some dairy cows, lots of what appear to be 'cottage industries' - antique shops, iron fencing (beautiful work) nurseries, car dealers, realtors, every town has its museum. To Williamstown by 12:00. Checked in, got meal tickets, lunch in the bar, tended by an absolutely ancient English bar keeper done up in his red suit and just dottering. Off to Albany airport (hard to find) to get Hugh and Ursula Young. Back to change for dinner. Wine and cheese, cocktails amoung the mostly vintage Bentleys (They're wonderful to see). Then a very good dinner with Youngs, Anne and Peter (Rae?) of England and Sydney Farnsby of Wellesly (just outside of Boston) who brought them up in his vintage Bentley. Saw Peter and his lady, Hageman, Norm and Joan Herstein, Marlene and Lee Zucker, met John Harris of England. Back to our rather alright room.

Friday, August 4, 1989 - Saratoga Springs
Breakfast at the 'Canadian Table'. Hugh, Ursula, Dorothy & ? from Toronto. Then Peter Hageman hitched us a ride on the run to Saratoga with Everett Dickinson (99 years old) owner of the once upon a time fire truck, new body and then 3 litre changed to 4 1/2. Everette commented "give us a straight road and we will show you some speed" Victor Cromie driving. Architect, formerly of England, now of Boston area. Marvelous top down 80 mile trip, and return. We also did a stop at the horse race track. Fantastic drive back where we miss a down pour while most others seemed to have got soaked, due I'm sure to the navigator, Patrick. Drinks in the bar and then supper 9:00 ish bought by Bill Ruger, where car engines and other things beond my ken were discussed with great enthusiasm.

Saturday, August 5, 1989. The rally
Breakfast at Williams Inn after rocky start. Marg couldn't get a smoke, lighter quit, no matches. Victor asked us along to navigate rally. All went quite well, West on 2, north to 7, Bennington, Arlington, Manchester Vermont areas. Arlington home of Norman Rockwell - 1939 - 50's. We won the rally. 1/2 roast duck dinner, very good at Williams Inn; following return trip up Mt. Equinox to summit look out where local BDC people do hill climbs. Rally finished with lunch at Wilburton Inn, Manchester VT.

Sunday, August 6, 1989 Williamstown, Mass.
Breakfast at Williams Inn, laundry done, BMW to go on #7 to lunch at Mrs. Murphy's Restuarant, Boston Symphony at Tanglewood, nice wooded Park - like setting. Returning, very heavy rain at Pittsfield. Marg got top up on BMW as we gassed up; pulled into Mrs. Murphy's as several Bentleys there, sitting out in the rain by the bar. Continued to Motel, freshened up, walked over to Old Country Restaurant, great food. Return to motel 8:45. Woodstock documentary on TV. Lime Rock tomorrow!!

Monday, August 7, 1989 - Lime Rock Raceway and Black Tie windup Banquet Bentley portion of meet.
Leisurely breakfast and a look at the Bentleys that were left on the parking lot. Off to Lime Rock in our BMW (which is the official car of Lime Rock - they have a BMW driving school there) Stopped along the way and found me an evening purse.$45.00. Watched the vintage bentleys do 'hot laps'. Had a 'family tour' around the track in George Schewetz 6 1/2 litre. Fine lunch. 99 year old Everett did a driving lap in his 4 1/2 litre. Back to hotel for a short nap and dinner at 7:30. Candy Chapman and Ian Purdy had finally arrived after numerous mishaps and a late start. Drove their Bentley from Portland to the meet. Lobster and steak for supper. Band is very good - 2 fellows from the BDC paying (Z. Cijlin and ?). Words, words, words with many people, all very gracious and fun folks. The rally winners trophy was awarded to Everett Dickinson and Victor Cromie and Patrick was very good about letting his name drop as the navigator. Victor immediately came over and acknowledged his participation as did every one else who knew. Mrs. Downey at our table, for example. 'Twas a fine day all 'n all.

Tuesday, August 8, 1989 Newp0rt, RI

Run down to New Port where we stay at the Sea View Motel. Drive down #2 to Greenfield and I91 to West Springfield and I90 to 146 to Providence and lunch at a grundgy Romeos. Beautifull slow winding drive through mountains (all green) rivers along the roadside and lakes. Lost Chapman's on the turn off to 146. They didn't miss anything at that lunch... on to Newport and our Sea View Motel. The meet hotel is about a mile, through a lovely part of the town, old church, museum building, etc. etc. Meet hotel overlooks water on all sides, as it is on Goat Island. We have to go over a little causeway to get to it. The clam bake included steamed clams, clam broth, potatoes and hake and then lobster. Very exclusively delicious. Dinner with Malcolm and Kathy Lee and Candy Chapman and Ian Purdy and some others. Then back to Sea View to kip and some reading up on stuff.

Wednesday, August 9th, 1989 - NewPort, Rhode Island
Breakfast was a bust. Wine tour was a bust. Dinner and Dance was a bust -- over booked -- not everyone got food. The cruise would have been fine with about 100 people less. Met Tony Handler and lady. Bought many things at the RROC and Bentley Stores this morning. Jackets, sweater and T shirt. Good stuff. I am tired and feeling beat. To bed and sleep.

Thursday, August 10, 1989 - Newport
BDC day, 3 museums, lunch at Sidlowski's and skipping stones, with Lee and Marlene Zuker. Out to dinner with Ian and Candy, Sondra and Rick Simpson to a pasta place after the RROC cocktail party at the Elms - too much walking in heels.

Friday, August 11, 1989 - Newport
I went to New Bedford on the buses - shopped with Martha Breckler's help. Pat to a couple of seminars. Got 'the dress' stretchy, sequined purple lovely thing and purple shoes to match. Pat to a couple of seminars. Back to hotel and out to the Castle Inn with Candy and Ian for a FINE dinner. (Candy paid for it).

Saturday, August 12, 1989 - Newport
Candy, Ian, Pat and I to see Hammersmith Farm (Jackie Kennedy grew up there and JFK and she stayed there. Nice old mansion and then to Belmont Manor - horrible, stinky collection of old falling apart 'museum pieces' completely the opposite of Hammersmith. Back to hotel and nap and then dress and Pat took us to the Rosecliffe for the awards banquet black tie dinner out on the wet lawn, under a tent - buffet style. Not everyone in tuxedos -- many compliments on my new dress -- great hor d'oeurves - according to Pat and the rest. Okay dinner. Malcolm and Kathy Lee and a couple (St. Clairs from South Dakota) with us usual foursome.

Sunday, August 13, 1989 - Newport, RI to Augusta Maine
9:30 start to McDonald's, got lost to our right road twice in the pouring rain. Arrived about 5:30 and found a motel and then did up our receipts for Customs and made a plan for tomorrow. Walked out a bit and dinner at Affrio's - soup with lobster in it. Treating my mosquito bites with everything we have. Pat's toothpaste works best. TV and to bed. Drove through RI and New Hamshire and half way through Maine today. The quaint old houses and all the touristy stuff has given way to ordinary houses, small farms and regular people again. Very rainy near Boston. Quite a lot of interesting architecture in Boston (from the freeway). This is now known as the Boston drive-by, as we did not stop to do any touristing.

Monday, August 14, 1989 - Augusta, Maine to Saint John, New Brunswick
Capital City to Capital City today. 154 miles and 114 km - 5 hours driving time the map says. 9:00 start to MacDonald's and then to the AAA for books. Stop at a small "wilderness" Restuarant for lunch on highway #9 between Bangor and Calais. Through Customs at Calais and then on to St. Andrews by the Sea - pictures. Coffee stop, ice cream and a walk. Tourist town on Passamaquoddy Bay - old loyalist houses shipped up and rebuilt. Then to Saint John in a fog along the coast of the Bay of Fundy. Lots of history to the City - could not see much in the fog. Found our Parkside Motel and went to their dining room where Pat had Lobster. Through another time change at the border. We are now 4 hours earlier than BC. Through logging country, lots of spruce, few houses, towns and villages far apart. The houses are joined to the barns by a long wide hallway type structure. Phoned Fran - no answer.

Tuesday, August 15, 1989 - Saint John, N.B. to Summerside, P.EI.
Late start. Walked around Saint John, took pictures of the old buildings. On to Moncton where we went to Dieppe and Pat got the oil changed and took me to the laundry mat. Then along #2 to catch the ferry at Cape Tormentine "Abegueit" (boat) took us to Borden PEI in about an hour. PEI is very nice, we both liked it immediately. Red soil, mixed farming, lots of Potato fields. Got our hotel for $44.00 + 10% tax. Dinner at Brothers Two and a beer in their pub. Back to hotel to tv as we are both tired, cause we were on a truck route last night.

Wednesday, August 16, 1989. P.E.I.
Good quiet motel last night. Went touring to the top corner of the island and to Paul's Dinner for lunch at Tinish, then to Skinner's Pond and pictures of lobster fishermen and the school house where Stompin' Tom went to school, oldest schoolhouse on the island, still standing. Farms, potatoes, dairy cows, cottage industries along the way. Then through Charlottetown (the capital) and on to Bredennel River Resort at $70.00 per night; over rated - it is in a provincial park - golfing, tennis, lawn bowling, modular units in clusters. Supper in their dinning room. Again over priced. Should be a lunar eclipse tonight, might be too cloudy.

Thursday, August 17, 1989 - Brudenell River to Halifx (across the strait of Cumberland)
Left Brudenell River and arrive to Woods Island PEI to catch the ferry to Caribou near Pictou, N.S. We saw a bit of Prince, Queens, and Kings Counties on PEI. The ferry was not nearly as fancy as the other one we caught and this was a longer ride. Drove to Halifax with a stop at Broomfield for gas and coffee. Into downtown Halifax and climbed up the embankments of the Citadel (old fort) and peaked at it, then off across the bridge to find a motel in Dartmouth; was full up, so on a bit farther to one at $70.00 per night. A short nap and rest, then back downtown to a fine supper of sea food and a walk about to see the buskers along the waterfront and the lights on the water, old buildings and boats. Fine day.

Friday, August 18, 1989 - Halifax (Dartmouth) to Annapolis Royal to Bridgewater.
Saw two old forts. One in Halifax was never used just rebuilt constantly, when ever there was a threat of war. And the other one in Annapolis Royal which the British took from the French (Acadians) originally called Port Royal. Champlain and first settlers defeated in 1710 and deported in 1755. Also saw Historical Gardens at Annapolis Royal. (no pictures) A very old settlement and history abounding here. Top down on the car from Annapolis to Bridgewater (about 83 km) I am frozen. Arrived about 7:00 pm and out for pizza and back to tv and kip. Best Western at $67.00 and 10% tax.

Saturday, August 19, 1989 - Bridgwater, N.S. to Antigonish, N.S.
Late start, toured around Luneburg a bit (pictures) home of the 'Bluenose'. Then on to Halifax. Got lost coming off the MicMac Rotary in Dartmouth and spent some tense time finding our #7 road. Stop for lunch at a general store - they had everything there. Up to #104 - the trans Canada, at Antigonish and our $47.00 motel and $40.00 supper at a good place. We've done a figure 8 almost, around Nova Scotia - except for Cape Breton. Lunenburg is very old buildings. Antigonish is home of Cavier College.

Sunday, August 20, 1989 - Antigonish to Sydney, N.S and Sydney to Louisburg.
Drove a few kms and then over a bridge to Cape Breton Island. The southern part has a huge lake in the middle and bits of land around the edges. Drove past Big Pond (Rita MacNeil's home) Found our motel - Journey's End at $48.00 booked a reservation for Friday when we get back from Newfoundland. Checked out the ferry slip and then to Louisburgh - 30 kms away, to see the old fort and old buildings. Originally French - 1700's. Hugenots and Catherine D'Medici and her kids as Royals followed by Henry IV of Navarre and Louis (numerous Louis's to the end). Derek Plummer of North Battleford at the Fort.

Monday, August 21, 1989 - North Sydney, N.S. on the Ambrose Shae ferry to Argentia, NFL.
Left at 11:30 and arrive at 8:30 am the next day. A 19 hour crossing. Was a fairly smooth ride. We had 'day nighters' for an extra $10.00 each. Total $160.00. The usual ferry food, they had a bar. There were no cabins for us as these have to be booked well in advance. Was hot and noisy and smelly. Very tired.

Tuesday, August 22, 1989 - Argentia, Nfl to St. John's
Drove 131 kms to St. John's. Drove downtown and found our way back out to a motel. Tried to nap for a bit but it is much too hot in our room - no air conditioning. Up at 12:30 and drove downtown and had lunch in a nice restuarant in an 1846 old building. Lots of old, old buildings, streets going every which way and changing names every few blocks. Found our way up Signal Hill and soaked up a bit more history. Then back to hotel to nap again. (pictures from the tower) a bit of fog all day. Out to supper at Knickerbockers and back to room to rest some more. St. John's is the oldest place yet. Marconi telegraphed across the Atlantic from Signal Hill in 1898-ish and first Fishermen were from all countries in Europe - 1583 - First colony British, defeated by French and then France defeated in Europe and lost the territories.

Wednesday, August 23, 1989 - St. John's to Grand Falls, Newfoundland
Lovely, rocky, rugged land. Very pretty small towns along the way. We are into the Mount Peyton Motel for $69.00 plus their vicious 12% tax. Dinner at the Corral Room - steak very good. Very nice room, especially compared to last night's. Misty rain and very cool, 13 degrees at 4:00 today. Grand Falls and Windsor combined have a population of 17,000 and a paper mill of the Abitibi-Price Company. Newfoundland mines 40% of Canada's iron ore. Drove through Terra Nova Provincial Park. It is all forested and the soil is better around this area. There is some farming, still mostly fishing though. Hunting and zillions of camping facilities and campers parked along the way. They actually sell 'screech' as a drink.

Thursday, August 24, 1989 - Grand Falls to Cornerbrooke, Newfoundland
3 hours drive through bigger trees, large lakes and rivers. Very pretty. Raining lightly and only about 15 degrees. Drove through the city and found our Journey's End Motel. Then back into town to do the laundry. Dinner at a neighboring motel. Their dining room overlooks the town and mountains. This is another mill city. Bought my steam iron (steam valet) at KMart for $44.00 and tax = $49.50 or so. We have evergreens, grass and a mountain out our window.

Friday, August 25, 1989 Cornerbrooke to Port aux Basques to Sydney, N.S.
Rainy, cold very pretty drive. Stop at Cape Ray to look for old Eskimo camp. Nothing to see but the ocean and small fishing village (2 pictures of the ocean) Have time to kill before the ferry leaves Ferry (Caribou) is 2 hours late leaving. Had to have our car vaccumed and washed off. They needed to know if we were bringing plant material to the mainland and checked for animals on our way into Newfoundland. Very rough trip. (6 hours) actually made it in 5 hours. We then drove ot the motel we'd reserved, Journey's End, in Sydney N.S.

Saturday, August 26, 1989. Sydney N.S. to Fredricton, N.B.
715 kms - late start, arrived at 7:30 at Journey's End. Motel full - to City Motel at $55.00. Supper in their dining room. Cool temps again and a bit of rain. More scenic country - wooded, some farms. Drove along Saint John River part of the way.

Sunday, August 27, 1989 - Fredricton to Trois Riviere, Quebec
More scenic driving along the Saint John River to about Edmonston (lunch) where we turned north and into Quebec - 3 hour stop in Quebec City to drive in and park near the 'old city'. Walk all about their citidal, Hotel Frontenac. Pat took the 'Furniculaire' down to an older part of the City to St. Lawrence River's edge. Very interesting and clean, loads of old buildings and statues and monuments. I must come back some time! Then on to Trois Riviere, arrive about 7:30 - back and forth over the Laviolette Bridge - 3490 meters (very long).. only bridge to span the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City. All this cause we can't find the Motel. Finally find it and go for dinner - trying to read and understand the French. Good dinners of chicken. Food prices reasonable but gas prices up again.

Monday, August 28, 1989 - Trois Rivieres to Madoc, Ontario.
Fairly early start, drove a bit to find a donut shop for breakfast in French. Their Grand Prix road race was finished the day we arrived there. Did a drive through Montreal (gave it the Boston tour) just saw the ugly backside of Montreal, on to Ottawa, down to look at the Parliament buildings from the outside and the Rideau Canal (locks). Parking cost $12.00 - horrid rip offs. Saw Sparks Street Mall, drove across the River to Hull, where we got on the tour of the new Civilization of Man Museum - very impressive architecture, still working on the inside - a look at Bill Reid Indian Art and West Coast Indian stuff. All this walking and looking took from 12:30 to 4:00. Found our way back to our highway and were on our way to Perth where we suppered and called Betty Armstrong twice and then on to Madoc by 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, August 29, 1989 - Madoc, Ont. to Sudbury, Ont.
Not a great sleep in our waterbed and truck traffic. On to Marmora for coffee - Larry and Jean live a few miles from here. did not call. am tired and homesick and want to get home. Called Bernice talked to Jason. She is on vacation till Thursday. Decide to continue home via northern States Route. To Lindsay for lunch, check the library for traces of Meehan forefathers, back to the car and see a 1929 old fire truck to look at. Fireman referred us to Anne - Mrs Paul Meehan - very chatty - interesting - Paul's cousin Alice Meehan, retired from St. Michael's takes an interest in family history, said to have late brother Jim's notes from family research. Anne aware of Robert, as her friend attended Fort San. some gravestone at Lebret. We'll put our Alice (Cupar) in touch with their Alice. Paul's grandfather homesteaded at Lindsay. On to Sudbury for the night.

Wednesday, August 30, 1989 - Sudbury, Ont. to Ironwood, Michigan
Sudbury smells a lot better these days. Sudbury to The Soo - the old rocky, treed drive as I remember, the trees seem stripped by acid rain. Some are turning colors. Over a bridge and through Customs at the Sioux st. marie. Land becomes flat and far less rocky along the Upper Peninsula. Very pretty along Lake Superior. Stop for lunch at Kenson. Arrived at Ironwood about 7:30, went for pizza and beer, back to tv at our $22.00 Motel by 9:00

Thursday, August 31, 1989 - Ironwood to Minot, North Dakota
Long drive, past Lake Superior in Wisconsin, on across the top of Minnesota and into N. Dakota. Rainy along the Lake and overcast the rest of the way. Forested in Wisconsin, Minnesota is more dairy farms and forest. North Dakota is hilly, farming, ranching. Days Inn for $31.00 and tax.

End of my notes. We must have made it home in a couple of days from Minot to Victoria.

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1990 - April - to Hawai.. good trip, saw the islands. - Visit the photo album for this trip: HERE

1990 - December - to get Speedster wheels in Arizona. There is no photo album for this trip.

1991 - August - RROC National Meet in Monterrey, California. We have 2 days at Carmel at a B & B. Travelling with Ian Purdy and Candy Chapman. To Laguna Seca Concours at Peeble Beach golf course. Pat did hot laps around the Laguna Seca Track. We go to the Aquarium in Monterrey with a walk-about dinner of appetizers, theatre outdoors, in the dark, wine tour, Hearst Castle on a bus tour. There is no photo album for this trip.

1991 - To Las Vegas with group of people? in winter

1992 - May to Alaska - Visit the photo album for this trip: HERE

1992 - To the Desert - Just a couple of desert photos included in the above album.

1993 - June Yellowknife - Visit the photo album for this trip: HERE

1994 - Portugal, Morrocco, Spain. Visit the photo album for this trip: Portugal, Morrocco, Spain

1995 - Oct -London, France, Rhine tour and motorhome in France and Switzerland. Visit the photo album for this trip: The KD Lines River Cruise of the Mosselle and the Rhine, with extra days in London to visit Hunt House, Kew Gardens, and Pat goes to the London to Brighton event.

1995 - Stettler, Alta. Car Meet in June

1995 - Campbell River in June - must be car stuff

1995 - August - Bellevu, Wa, RROC Meet

1996 - Feb - Rome, Florence, Venice: Visit the photo album for this trip: On a Trafalgar bus tour of Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Pisa, London and home. Feb. 11 - 19. Short but sweet trip.
This photo album also contains photos from a tour of Alberta with the RROC and BDC clubs, as below.

1996 - May RROC Rocky Mountain Tour

1996 - Nov 20 John's Funeral on Nov 25

1997 - Pat Lloyd to Europe. I stayed home and made my front yard into a garden

1997 - June - Sask Meehan reunion

1997 - Car Tour to Powell River June

1998 - Provence, France - Arles, Monaco, Andora. Visit the photo album for this trip: Provence, France. We have an apartment outside of Arles at Fouchon and tour the area in our rented Renault. Shopping for local wine and food and cooking in for most of our dinners. We begin to feel at home here and love this part of the world. Feb. 15 to March 13, 1998. We saw so much on this trip. I wish I had better photos.

1998 - July - Haida Gwai (just after my knee operation - I am not walking very well yet) . Visit the photo album for this trip: We fly to Haida Gwaii and have a bus tour of the Islands, including a helicopter ride.

1998 - Back to Sask. - Teddy Whitehouse wedding.

1999 - March - Turkey. Visit the photo album for this trip: Turkey: Another Trafalgar bus tour of Turkey. Wonderful time, except for having the bus leave us behind at our first coffee stop. Things just got better and better thereafter. Istanbul, alone, would be worth a few months visit. Our guide spoke very good English and had much information to impart. I must go back someday. While we were there, the bombing started in Kosovo. Our trip continued and we returned home with no problems.

1999 - July - Bella Coola - Wells Gray with John and Jaromey.

1999 - Sept - Nootka Sound, Gold River on Uchuck II with Reeses - photo album reloaded. Visit the photo album for this trip: on the working ship Uchuck II in 1999

1999 - Car tours in Sept and Oct

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2000 - March - Adam's Funeral, Regina

2000 - April - Bavaria - Germany, Austria, Budapest, Prague, Polland - photo Album reloaded.
First trip using the little Canon A50 digital camera that Pat gave me for Christmas 1999. Wish I had known more about using it. Visit the photo album for this trip: A Trafalgar bus tour

2000 - June - Antique tour - 3 Valley Gap - Will be under car stuff when it gets made.

2000 - July - Sask in Chevy Camper Van again for Fran's 80th and Dysart reunion

2000 - August - Port Angeles Model T meet will be in car stuff

2000 - Lady Rose with Coupes- camped at Port Alberni. Visit the photo album for this trip: We camped overnite at Port Alberni and then sailed to Bamfield on the working boat, Lady Rose.

2001 - Feb and March, Greece, Rhodes, Crete: Visit the photo album for this trip: We are on a Trafalgar Bus Tour, with side trips to Crete and Rhodes on our own. So much to see -- must go back.

2001 - August - Chatterbox Falls and Princess Louisia Inlet
Visit the photo album for this trip: August 26, 27, and 28, 2001. The travel logue is right on the photo album.

2001 - September - Pat and I did the Can Am tour in Victoria - Car Stuff

2001 - Dec. - Englishman River Falls, Coombs

2002 - Genoa Bay. This is a continuing destination for a day trip. Visit the photo album for this trip: We take at least an annual trip on the motorcycle to have lunch at Genoa Bay. I go every chance I get. Its a beautiful spot. It has a nice little art shop, on the water, of course. There is a lovely little cafe overlooking the bay with delicious food. Since creating this photo album, I have many more pictures. There may be a need for Genoa Bay Number 2, someday. I no longer ride on the back of the motorcycle. As of 2017 the little village is growing into a town.
2002 - Feb - Mar - Pont Royal and Paris: Visit the photo album for this trip: France: staying at Pont Royal in our apartment, cooking in and doing our own tours in the rented Renault. Excellent trip. We meet the other Patrick Meehans, as their apartment is just above ours. We drive to Paris and leave the rental car. We tour Paris by taking the metro and walking.(Feb. 15 - March 15). I would need to spend at least 2 months in Paris. There are condensed travel journal notes on the photo album pages.

2002 - May - Silver Star (Red Deer Swap meet)

2002 - July - North Island. Visit the photo album for this trip: A wonderful 5 day trip in 2002 to visit Richard and Rosalie Parksville, Sayward, Kelsey Bay, Telegraph Cove, Port McNeil, Port Hardy, Holberg, Winter Harbor, Port Alice, visit Rosemary and Dave Proctor on the way home. The fridge in the chevy van breaks just before we get home. The Photo Album contains the Travel Journal Notes.

2002 - August - Saltspring - Model T's - Car stuff, of course

2002 - Sept - Can Am Port Orchard

2003 - Feb. - Mar., Malta, Sicily, Naples, Pompei: Visit the photo album for this trip: Malta with side trips to Sicily and Naples. We have breakfasts and dinners included. We tour around by taking the buses. Naples included flying to Rome - we just saw the airport though. Pompeii ruins were the main attraction there. Malta is steeped in history. I could spend time there again easily.(Feb. 24 - March 17). The photo album pages include some condensed travel journal notes.

2003 - July - Raelyn and Tim's Wedding - New Dodge Lodge Van, P.A. to see Eileen and Don, Edmonton

2003 - Sept - CanAm Aldergrove

2003 - Sept - RROC Fuel Economy run - Uculet, long Beach - photo album of Long Beach under photography, there will be a Car Stuff album also, some day

2004 - April - Scotland and Ireland: April 2 - 23, Scotland and Ireland: Visit the photo album for this trip: Two Trafalgar bus tours to see Scotland and Ireland. Our tour guide for the Irish trip was a delight. Spent a few days with Lehanes at the end of the Irish tour. Another must go back place. I got to see the Book of Kells. The light always seemed good in Ireland.
The pages of the photo albums contain condensed Travel Journal notes.

2004 - May - Laurielle and Chris wedding, new phone at West Edmonton Mall 2004 - June - Antiques - Port Alberni

2004 - June - Bowden Alta - Sali's 50th and to Manitou Sask for Meehan gathering, visit Hunts in Kindersley

2004 - Sept - Whiskey Creek, Little Qualicum Falls, Tofino, Hot Springs with Tara and Andy

2004 - Sept - Malahat Challenge - Nanaimo

2004 - sept - RROC Fuel Economy meet, Manning Park

2004 - Nov - Bremerton Swap Meet and visit Dan and Irene

2004 - Dec - Thetis Island for Pete's 80th birthday

2005 - July - Antiques tour - Aldergrove

2005 - Model T Fords meet - Cochrane, Alberta

2005 - Sask. - Wadena Centennial

2005 - Sept. - Cowichan - Car Stuff probably Malahat Challenge

2005 - Dec - Friday Harbor - birthdays trip with Cyrs

2005 -October 22 to November 15, 2005. Visit the photo album for this trip: We are on a River Cruise from Amsterdam to Bucharest, with Uniworld. The photo album has comprehensive travel notes, including copies from the itinerary of the River Duchess ship.

2006 - Feb - Bill's funeral, Melville

2006 - Sept - Island Challenge - Sydney

2006 - July - To Wa. to get Pacific Coast Honda Bike, visit Cyrs

2006 - Sept - CanAm Anacortes

2006 - Oct 7 to Oct 22 - Panama Canal Cruise - 14 days on Infinity of the Celebrity Lines. Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico

2006 - summer - paint garage and new roofs ('05?)

2007 - Feb 20 to Mar 11 - Southwest Us (NM) 5262 miles

2008 - RROC spring meet - Saltspring

2008 - May 10 to June 2 - Russian River Cruise and Baltic extension (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuainia) with 3 days in Amsterdam

2009 - January 9 - Flo's funeral, Regina

2009 - June 5 to 7 - Antique meet - sunshine coast

2009 - July 16 to Aug 5 - Sask. Al and Audrey's 40th wedding anniversary

2009 - June 11 - Model T days (same every year - see Model T car stuff, if interested)

2009 - Sept 11 - 13 - Island Challenge, Duncan area

2009 - Sept 25 - 27 - RROC and BDC Fuel Economy, Merritt and Mission

2009 - Nov 6 - 8 - Bremerton Swap Meet

2010 - Mar 5 - 20 Galapagos, Ecudor, Peru, Nazka lines

2010 - June 22 - July 29 - Frans 90th birthday, Sask.

2010 - Sept 13 to Oct 5 - St. Lawrence Seaway Cruise - 7 days - Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Rideau Canal. Kwartha Cruise - 5 days

2010 Sept 11 - Island Challenge- Victoria - Sooke - 1912 Model T

2010 - Dec - 5 days to Sunshine Coast - birthdays... horrible

2011 - Feb 17 to Mar 12 - To White Sands, etc with 2000 Dodge Lodge - 7846 Kms. Southwest Us - death valley, Sedona, Flagstaff

2011 - June - new trailer $6000

2011 - June 23 - July 3 - Pincher Creek Alta to Foothills Model T Ford Club Meet - Waterton, Lubeck Falls, Franks slide, Fort McLeod, Fort Steele, Lilo's (Harry and Rosalie - Chestermere)

2011 - July 3 - 10 Drumheller, Wadena, Cupar, Regina,

2011 - July 10 - 15 - Wadena to home - Chestermere, Drumheller, Koocanusa Provincial Park (Fernie area), Lake Koocanusa, Kimberly (Bryan Joan), Cranbrooke, Grand Forks

2011 Aug - Barkerville - over "the hill" from Ferry etc. - Saward, Pt. Hardy, Ferry (Rainy at Bear Cove, so we wait over night at the Ferry. Ocean Falls, Bella Coola, Hagensbery, the Hill, past Williams Lake, Quesnel (dragon lake) Barkerville, Cache Creek, Duffy Lake Road to Burnaby to see Lloyd and Jo.

2011 - Sept 9 - 11 - Island Challenge - Port Alberni

2011 - Sept 15 - CanAm, Abbottsford, Bridal Falls, Pat gets bee bite and the guys cut his ring off.

2012 - Mar 25 - April 14 - Yantze River Cruise - Shanghai, Xian, Bejing, the wall, the terra cotta warriors

2012 - July 26 - Sask, Wadena 100th, tow trailer and car, Dutch Lake Resort, Clearwater - John and Jaromey, Edmonton - John and Colleen

2012 - Sept - Island Challenge - Campbell River, Quadra

2012 - Sept - CanAm - Bremerton, Wa. 2012 - Sept - RROC and BDC - Victoria (Jim Walters) and Cowichan area

2013 - July 25 to Augu 4 - Rocky Mountaineer train trip. Harbor to Harbor- Victoria to Vancouver, Vancouver to Kamploops, Kamploops to Banff, on a bus Banff to Lake Louise, Lake Louise to Jasper (cabins are hot) back to the train - Jasper to Quesnel (air conditioning breaks), Quesnel to Whistler (another wasp bite)(crappy room). Whistler a day of rest, native cultural center, dinner with Andy and Jacqui. Whistler to North Vancouver, bus to our 4 Seasons Hotel. The best hotel room of the trip. Fairmont Hotels have NOT been delux at all. Vancouver plane to Victoria.

2014 - Nov 10 - Ernie's funeral, Melfort we did not go

2014 - Sask flooding. Kindersley , drumheller, Cochrane, Kananaski, Sali's and home

2015 - Pat and Lloyd to Europe

2015 - Sask, Winnipeg, MTFC @ Cochrane

2016 - June 28 to July 19 - Sask - Waskesiu, LaRonge, PA - Al Hunt and Marie, Eileen and Don, to Dan and Carols, of course and to John and Colleen, Fran

2016 - Aug 4 - 6 Tahsis. Free salmon at the Campbell River campsite on the ocean.. yummm. We are in over flow parking. The road to Tahsis was horrible, but better on the way back as we took our time and not drive the camper like it was a motor cycle. The town is dead since the mill shut down.

2016 - Sept - Island Challenge - Campbell River /Gold River.. (that road is familiar :)

2016 Sept 14 to 21 - CanAm Spokane. The Palouse country around Spokane is very scenic. Too bad the weather was blistering hot the first day, and windy, pouring rain and cold the second day, along with the wind again. Was as bad as Pincher Creek. The car ran very well and Pat did really very well driving too. Nice trip in the van. We must do this some day when we don't have the trailer along.

2017 - August 15 to August 22. Sask. The year of great forest fires across B.C. Since we have sold our old Dodge Lodge and do not yet have our new Mercedes Unity Van, we fly out to Sask. for a week. We rent a car and spend the week in Fran's home. Was an ok trip. Fran is doing very well as she goes into her 98th year.

2017 - We fly to Kelowna to pick up our new Mercedes Motel. We have 2 nights free in the Holiday Park campgrounds. We are slowly getting used to the new camper van. I accidently erased the photos for this trip, so there will be no photo album from the trip, but I will add a few photos of the Unity with more information, as time goes on.

2017 - Malware on my web page. Had to buy Sitelack for 3 years and pay to have it cleaned up. And now have been spending hoards of time getting the albums back in order. I will be re doing some of them that look just plain crappy.. like January to May, inclusive. June, July, August, September are good, and the Water Garden page, and Paths and Garden Art are good. The only ones I have done on Photography pages are the 8 little series albums, including Long Beach. I have finished fixing Pre1989, 89East, 90Hawai, 92North (includes 1993 Yukon), 94Portugal, 00Bavaria, and Uchuck II on Travel. I have got carried away on making this page and doing up Travel Journal Text pages for the albums where I have no information on the photo album pages. I find I can see the Photoshop albums pages and edit with notepad. Then reload them with Godaddy FTP - one file at a time to their proper place. Its good to get the pages cleaned up and the malware gone.
On September, 2017 I purchased a three year SSL Certificate. Adam at Godaddy and I seemed to have all sorts of problems getting the SSL Certificate registered to suit SiteLock requirements. So Adam took SiteLock off my site and re-imbursed me for the total amount paid. He then applied this amount to Godaddy's own Web Security program and will be looking after it totally. No more worries. The Godaddy FTP now loads to the secure browsing page instantly. There is no more 24 hour delay for the appearance of the new page on the internet. I have a credit on my account for the difference in the cost between SiteLock and Godaddy's Web Security.

December 16, 2017 - Jo passed away
January 2/3, 2018 - Prayers and Funeral services for Jo

2018 - Feb. 16 to March 7. The Unity's maiden voyage is a horrendous trip. We go down the Coastal route on the #101, running before a storm that is coming south. We cannot keep ahead of it. The night we are at Seal Rock campsite, which is just beside the ocean, great winds over night rock the boat. In the morning the campsite water tap is frozen but our pipes are ok. It is about Bakersfield before we get into warmer weather. We eventually get down to Lake Cahuillia, in the Desert Palms area where we get a rest for 3 days. We head back up the I-5 trying not to be in another snow storm that has come South. We spend a couple of days in Sacramento where there are more high winds and sleeting rain. One of those days we drive to Rocklin to the Mercedes dealer and get the engine light put off. It was on due to a software update, and not to the bio-fuel Pat had added. The next day the storm has abated and we have clear sailing up the I-5, with our final stop at Dan and Irene's place. Everyday we had something new to learn about the Unity. Still have lots to learn. Dan was house sitting for us, so he had about 3 weeks to try out his retirement.

May 29 - 30, 2018
We went to the ferry terminal at about 12:00 to catch the 1:00 ferry to Saltspring Island. We packed a lunch and ate in the Mercedes Manor, at the ferry terminal. We arrived at the Cedar Beach Resort at about 2:30 and got set up. The washrooms are not inviting. We get levelled up and plugged in. The walk to St.Mary's lake is all downhill, with a climb to get back up to our campsite. We went to work on the wifi extender following Trevors instructions and eventually get on with good wifi. Pat couldn't get any TV. We had dinner of spam, beans, cole slaw and too much wine and cheese.. We had a bit of rain during the evening and the tall trees we were parked under were dripping. A leisurely start in the morning. Pat showered and I had a bird bath. Pat did his breakfast and I had the coffee set up at night ready to go in the morning. Pat did a masterful job of getting out of our parking spot through the big trees and we went on our way to Fraser Thimble Farm at the end of North Road at the tip of the island. We get lost at a fork in the road. The roads are narrow and winding. We had some trouble getting turned around, but with a little help from some locals, and the gps on my phone, we finally get there. We have another little bump on the Mercedes Manor, as a reminder of trying to turn around on narrow roads. We pass the gate to Fraser Thimble farms and Pat backs the Van up for about a block and we get in the gate with very minimal parking. Pat is getting really good at this by now and does a great job of parking. He waits in the van while I go to the nursery. I get 3 trilliums, an indigeneous lily (tall turks cap type) and a rhodohypoxis bauri Lily Jean (like an African violet). We get out of the cramped parking and on our way to Ganges without further troubles. We could not find suitable parking in Ganges to have lunch so we headed to the ferry at Fulford harbor where we had lunch while waiting for the ferry. Pictures of this album noted onthe Mercedes Manor page.

June 27 to July 20, 2018
Our first trip to Sask. in the Unity soon to be called the Last Lodge. We are slowly learning more about how to operate the Last Lodge. We visited friends and relatives, with no time for touristing. It was very hot, and windy, with some rain. There will eventually be a photo album along with travel log notes available HERE
This trip began with a birthday celebration for John Sali's 90th. Cindy and Larry arranged the party at their home. It was a fine party. Too bad the weather did not co-operate.

August 8 to August 29, 2018
A bus trip around the 5 countries in Scandinavia. The Air travel was difficult from day one. We eventually got to Copenhagen tired and out of sorts. We had used up our planned extra day in Copenhagen in getting there. We were met at the plane and were whisked along by the Airport Assistant in his cart, collecting baggage, through customs, and on out to be put into a taxi to take us to the hotel. There was a great thunder and lighting storm as we drove to the hotel. This was the beginning of a trip that was a mix of terrible and truly spectacular. There will be much more in the photo/travel logue album HERE

September 19 - September 22, LTV rally, Osoyoos
Pat caught the first ferry on Sept. 19 and arrived at Osoyoos about 3:30. Registered and took his smoked salmon to the Pot Luck dinner. It was enjoy by all and quickly disappeared. On Thursday, the 20th, he breakfasted in the Last Lodge. There were 4 wineries on the wine tour with a lunch at Tinhorn Creek for $58. Later Pat had dinner of beans, cole slaw and sausage, then visited at the community center over the evening. On Friday he had breakfast in the Last Lodge, then walked up hill all the way to the Nk'Mip desert culture center where they had a tour of the place. After this he had noodle cup lunch and went back to Question and Answer session in the afternoon. The wind up barbeque in the evening was very good. Pat had a good steak. Next morning breakfast, tanks maintenance and got away about 10:00 o'clock with a fuel stop in Osoyoos. Caught the 7:00 o'clock ferry after one ferry wait. Dinner on the ferry and home. There will be more notes on the album page, but no photos Here

2019 - July 18 to August 8.
We had a fairly good trip to Sask and back in the LTV Unity Benz. We spent a week at the Wadena Campground while visiting Fran in Pleasant view. Visited friends and other relatives. There will eventually be a photo album along with travel log notes available HERE

2019 - August 27 and 28.
We have the Benz packed and leave for Port Renfrew to arrive in Sooke for lunch. The place is very busy. We see Glenda and catch up on the Whitehouses. Onward over the winding, narrow road to Port Renfrew. We get into the Pacheedaht Campround and a camping spot right on the beach. This place, too is quite full of campers. I do a beach walk and we have left over pizza for supper, after appies of smoked oysters. There is a campfire just up from us and the people stay up for what seems a long time to me. There was a bit of a sunset, lots of stars once the campfires were all out. The drawer that holds the wine bottles got crammed with some packing paper. I had finally got most of it out and slammed the drawer shut, never to be opened again. In the morning we showered, breakfast, took on water. We found our way to the road that leads to the Avatar. A nasty, pot-holed narrow road. We finallty get to the Avatar. Pat climbs up 80 meters over a distance of 500 meters and a perilous climb to get to see the gnarly tree. People who followed us out this road left Pat with a couple of photos, that will be included in the album photos. We head back to Port Renfrew and have lunch at the boat launch, and then home; stopping at the French Beach dumping station for $5.00.; and home at last, unpack and supper. There will be a few pictures of the trip to see the Avatar HERE

2019 - Sept. 6, 7, 8, 2019

  • 2019 Autumn Tour
    Face Book: VCCC page by Paul and Liz Taylor: VCCC Facebook Photos by Don Stevens and Paul Taylor. Thanks Paul for the write up: Pictures from this weekend's "Once In A Lifetime Tour". Congratulations to Ray Koch, Wayne McCargar and all of the Nanaimo Chapter for a wonderful Tour!
    The tour started on Friday afternoon with a meet and greet, and a visit from Tundra, the wolf. (at the home of Rita and Bob Skarset.) Here we were, gathered in the shade of a willow tree enjoying snacks and drinks. Of course, we toured the garage, too. Then a tour of Ken Schley's secret car collection and a chili, buns, beer and desserts meal. (no photos or food allowed)
    Saturday: Pulling into Gabriola Island. (for the Gabriola Island circle tour) Our first stop was the Gabriola Island Museum. The museum has a section devoted to the Hippies of the 1970's, many of whom still live there. The Museum is home to several rock carvings, or petroglyphs, carved by the local First Nations people. The Gabriola Golf Club was our lunch stop. We visited Silva Bay. The resort here burned down a couple of years ago. The sandstone formations at Berry Point show the erosion of many years of wave action. That's Entrance Island in the background, at the entrance to Nanaimo's busy harbour. (Lighthouse on Entrance Island is a manned light station) Here I am on the beach at Berry Point. (Our intrepid reporter, Paul Taylor) Our 1968 Cutlass, in line for the ferry. Yes, we did get the top down later! (We rode with them, in the Cutlass to the banquet. Top was up. But it is a beautiful car. Thanks Paul and Liz for all the good information and photos on Facebook, and for the ride to the wind-up banquet. The delicious banquet was at the Piccaddily Bistro. Photos by Don Stevens included in the album. Thank you, Don for the photos. Paul's photo and comment on Facebook: The Tour cake, just before it was cut into at least 60 pieces! We did not attend the Brunch Sunday morning at the Nanaimo Club House.
  • 2019 - Sept. 12 - 15, 2019. The 41st Can-Am Model T Tour - Chilliwack
    Can Am 2019 Facebook: Facebook 2019 Can-Am Tour - Chilliwack There are about 30 cars registered.
    We catch the 11:00 ferry, towing the T trailer with the Highlander. Pat has the car polished and prepped for the tour. Lunch on the ferry. Delicious Asian salmon salad for me. Special burger for Pat. The meet hotel is at the best western. We are across the road and around the round-about and to the Hampton Inn. Very nice and clean and new. We leave our Model T in its trailer at the "ATA" (Atchelitz Thresherman's Association). Thursday registration: 3 - 8 p.m. at the ATA. They have a few muchies put out. Its pouring rain.
    Friday the 13th :)
    130 mile day. Heading south to the Canada/USA Border at Columbia Valley via Cultus Lake. Returning to the Chilliwack River Valley and stopping for lunch at the Chilliwack Ford Dealership. After lunch the tour heads West through Greendale and Sumas Lake areas. We will make an Ice Cream stop at Birchwood Dairies in Abbotsford. Up at 6:00 to get to the meet hotel where the tour starts at 8:30. We decide to leave the T in the trailer and take our modern car. A few of us do this, and the remainder soldier on in the rain. Breakfast with Blaze and Monica at our hotel, and then over to the meet hotel where we find they have a big breakfast laid on at their hotel. Tour starts in cooler weather and light rain. Greg Lillico has told Pat that his friend who is with him on the tour has bought our old Speedster, name: Jack Baryluk. We toured around Cultus Lake to Thompson Park for coffee break. Everyone else goes around some park again and returns past the park, where we wait while Proctors fix the tire that blew out and flew off their car. Lunch at Chilliwack Ford and after an hour or so we are on our way. It is taking forever to get through the lights, etc. (This is where my journal ends) We take a wrong turn up a dead end dirt road and return to the hotel with the GPS. Sure am glad we were not in the Model T at this point. Stop for iced capaccino at Tim's as we missed the ice cream stop. We finally find a restaurant that is not lined up; the Swiss Chalet. The food is better at our Victoria Swiss Chalet.
    Drivers' meeting 8:30, 9:00 start. 50+ mile tour. First stop for coffee and Equestrain Demonstrations at Cristyhill Farms. Second stop was the Agassiz Legion for lunch. Third stop a short break at Green Point Park. The Proctors ride with us as they and their car are suffering from the rainy weather. We enjoyed the horse reining demonstration; on to lunch through the back country of Agassiz and Chilliwack. Back to our hotels. And we rest and back to the Surestay Best Western, enjoyed by a full house.
    Thanks for a fine tour by our hosts: Greg Pernitsky, Fred Snooks, Bruce and Joan Dunmall, Steve Eremenko and Teri Hill. Too bad about the rain.

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