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Music List from my web page

Since the music script no longer works on my website I have made a list of the music that once played automatically on each page. To have the music play, click the links. Use the back button to return to the Playlist. Or navigate about the site with the menu. I hope to figure out how to make a real playlist someday. In the meantime I will be adding the link for the tune to each page, onto the page.
For some odd reason the music still plays for me on the Blog page Enjoy the tunes.

1. Index page: Songbird

Play music - Songbird. This was on the Index page.

2. About page: Sandman

Play music - Sandman. This was on the about page.

3. Although page: Piano Man

Play music - Pianoman. This was on the Although page.

4. Antiques page: Ventura Highway

Play music - Ventura. This was on the Antiques page.

5. As Darkness Falls page: On the eve of Destruction

Play music - Eve of Destruction. This was on the As Darkness Falls page.

6. Benz page: Big Yellow Taxi

Play music - Big Yellow Taxi. This was on the Benz page.

7. blog page: Flight of the Valkyrie

Play music - Ride of the Valkyrie. This was on the Blog page.

8. cars page: Those were the days

Play music - Those were the days. This was on the Cars page.

9. change page: Pink Panther

Play music - Pink Panther. This was on the Change page.

10. changes1 page: Hallelujah

Play music - Hallelujah. This was on the Changes 1 page.

11. changes2 page: Return to Inocense

Play music - Return to Innocense. This was on the Changes 2 page.

12. changes3 page: Guess thats why they call it the blues

Play music - Guess that's why they call it the Blues This was on the Changes 3 page.

13. gardening page raunchy

Play music - Raunchy. This was on the Gardening page.

14. guestbook page: Swinging Shepherd Blues

Play music - Swinging Shepherd Blues. This was on the Guestbook page.

15. In my Garden page: Mozart 7th

Play music - Mozart 7th. This was on the In my Garden page.

16. JE2013 Page: American Pie

Play music - American Pie. This was on the JE2013 page.

17. JE2014 Page: Love to see you again

Play music - Love to see you again. This was on the JE2014 page.

18. JE2015 Page: I will always love you

Play music - I will always love you. This was on the JE2015 page.

19. JE2016 Page: theme from Gladiator

Play music - Theme from Gladiator. This was on the JE2016 page.

20. JE2017 Page: Helpless by KD Lang

Play music - Helpless. This was on the JE2017 page.

21. JE2018 Page: Forever in Love

Play music - Forever in Love. This was on the JE2018 page.

22. Links page: Telestar

Play music - Telestar. This was on the Links page.

23. Misc. Gardening Page: Teach your children well

Play music - Teach your children well. This was on the Misc. Gardening page.

24. Mist page: ebb tide

Play music - ebb tide. This was on the Mist page.

25. Model Ts page: I am calling you - theme song from Bagdad Cafe.

Play music - I am calling you - theme from Bagdad Cafe. This was on the Model T's page.

26. My Town page: dream weaver

Play music - Dream Weaver. This was on the My Town page.

27. Native Art album: war chant

Play music - War Chant. This was on the Native Art Album.

28. Old Garden page: cry

Play music - Cry. This was on the Old Garden page.

29. PDFs page: Heart will go on

Play music - Heart will go on. This was on the PDFs page.

30. Photography page: Dr. Who

Play music - Dr. Who. This was on the Photography page.

31. Poetry page: 1812 overture

Play music - 1812 Overture. This was on the Poetry page.

32. Pre1989 Travel logue page: nocturne

Play music - nocturne. This was on the Travel Logue page.

33. Progress page: green sleeves

Play music - green sleeves. This was on the Progress page.

34. Series page: The sounds of silence

Play music - Sounds of Silence. This was on the Series page.

35. The Moon Cries page: Imagine

Play music - Imagine. This was on the Moon Cries page.

36. Travel page: mo ghile mear

Play music - mo ghile mear. This was on the Travel page.

37. Walk page: Kissing Rain

Play music - Kissing Rain. This was on the Walk page.

38. Water page: Butterfly

Play music - Butterfly. This was on the Water page.

39. Whisper Soft page: Kokomo

Play music - Kokomo. This was on the Whisper Soft page.

40. RROC page: Everybody's talking - Midnight Cowboy.

Play music - Everybody's talking - theme from Midnight Cowboy. This was on the RROC page.

41. New Dodge Lodge page: Sultans of Swing

Play music - Sultans of Swing. This was on the New Dodge Lodge page.

42. Chevy Van page: Route 66

Play music - Route 66. This was on the Chevy Van page.

43. Old Dodge Lodge: Running back to Saskatoon

Play music - Running back to Saskatoon. This was on the Old Dodge Lodge page.

44. JE 2019: Everything I do I do for you

Play music - Everything I do I do for You. This is on the JE 2019 page.

45. JE 2020: Like a Rolling Stone

Play music - Like a Rolling Stone. This is on the JE 2020 page.

46. Garden Rooms Plant Lists: Hotel California

Play music - Hotel California. This is on the Garden Rooms Plant Lists page.

47. The Moose of Misery: Who'll stop the Rain

Play music - Who'll Stop the Rain. This is on the The Moose of Misery page.

48. Journal Entries for 2021: I will play a Rhapsody

Play music - I will play a Rhapsody. This is on the Journal Entries for 2021 page.

49. Journal Entries for 2022: Cold Kentucky Rain

Play music - Cold Kentucky Rain. This is on the Journal Entries for 2022 page.

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