The cedar privacy hedge along between the neighbors deck and mine, with a new Honeysuckle on a bamboo trellis. I have had this hedge taken down to eaves height in June of this year ( 2017). Also had the back cypress and the cedars along between the neighbors on the other side topped and trimmed along the sides by Davey Tree at the same time. We had a terrible drought last summer and now in November we are getting more and more rain. The hedges seem to have survived and hopefully will bush out again. The Honeysuckle is growing nicely to fill in the space where these tree terrorists on that side of my property like to peer onto my deck from their windows. They have trashed the bottom of this hedge and for some odd reason have been cutting down my plants on that side of my property right after I had this pruning done. Totally weird people. I need to add a stone wall, I suppose, with barbed wire to keep them off my propery.

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