Lady Rose and Sproat Lake
In August of 2000 we travelled to Port Alberni, camped overnite and caught the Lady Rose - a working boat on the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound. We disembarked at Bamfield and walked the boardwalk. Lady Rose
I am inncluding a few shots of the Mars Water Bombers that are used to fight forest fires. They are kept at Sproat Lake.

AlberniTotemPole AlberniWaterfront CottageBamfield EagleOntheDock
Alberni Totem Pole Alberni Waterfront Cottage Bamfield Eagle On the Dock
Gnarly_roots Mountains OldHulk PortHole
Gnarly Roots Mountains Old Hulk Port Hole
SproatLake SproatLakeHelicopter aGettingThere aSylvanShoreLine
Sproat Lake Sproat Lake Helicopter Getting There Sylvan Shore Line

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Read the Travel logue for this trip. It will be a long scroll to get to the 2000 Lady Rose trip. We camped overnite at Port Alberni and then sailed to Bamfield on the working boat, Lady Rose. HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue