This HOMEWORK album began as a presentation on my account in 2002, called 'Women's Work', long since deleted. At that time I was enthralled by the frames and borders. I have kept the old ones and added a few more new ones to round out the album. Just for fun, and not work at all.

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11toast 12Mousaka 13cranberries 14Microwave
11toast.jpg 12Mousaka.jpg 13cranberries.jpg 14Microwave.jpg
15Soup 16Pie 17Baking 18Budget
15Soup.jpg 16Pie.jpg 17Baking.jpg 18Budget.jpg
19Dusting 20Taps 21Tea 22CupOfTea
19Dusting.jpg 20Taps.jpg 21Tea.jpg 22CupOfTea.jpg
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