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Pat owns a 1951 Bentley Mark VI and belongs to the Rolls Royce Owners Club and the Bentley Drivers Club. We attend club functions with the car. Primarily we go to the Spring Meet and the Fuel Economy Run which is in September. I will be adding photo albums for each annual event as I make up the albums.

Pat has owned the Bentley since December 1976 when he and his cousin, Bill, went to London and bought it. He has kept the Bentley in sterling condition. We have been on many adventures in this car over the years.

Antique Autos

Pat owns a 1915 Model T Speedster. This qualifies as an Antique Auto. The Antiques are a branch (chapter) of the Vintage Car Club of Canada. The main events we attend with this group are the Island Challenge and the summer meets arranged by the Vancouver people. These meets have been in various places in the Province of B.C. We attend a few May Tours with this club and so I will be adding the May Tour albums, although the cars do not need to be designated antiques for this tour, and the judging.

Pat has had the Speedster for 17 years as of 2009 and is now in the process of having his new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford rebuilt.

Model T Fords

The Model T Ford club is a loosely organized group. We attend two main events annually with our Model T. The CanAm is a meet that people from B.C.,Can., and from Wa, Ore, USA, hold annually in Sept. The meet alternates between a Can. or US venue.

On Father's Day the cars from Vancouver Island, B.C. hold the Barney Oldfield Memorial Model T Ford meet sponsored by Rob Oldfield. This commerates the run for parts with Model Ts from Oldfield's service station in Saanich to a downtown Victoria parts supplier. Over the years this became a race against the clock.

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