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Pat owns a 1951 Bentley Mark VI and belongs to the Rolls Royce Owners Club and the Bentley Drivers Club. We attend club functions with the car. Primarily we go to the Spring Meet and the Fuel Economy Run which is in September. I will be adding photo albums for each annual event as I make up the albums.

Pat has owned the Bentley since December 1976 when he and his cousin, Bill, went to London and bought it. He has kept the Bentley in sterling condition. We have been on many adventures in this car over the years.

Antique Autos

Pat owns a 1915 Model T Speedster. This qualifies as an Antique Auto. The Antiques are a branch (chapter) of the Vintage Car Club of Canada. The main events we attend with this group are the Island Challenge and the summer meets arranged by the Vancouver people. These meets have been in various places in the Province of B.C. We attend a few May Tours with this club and so I will be adding the May Tour albums, although the cars do not need to be designated antiques for this tour, and the judging.

Pat has had the Speedster for 17 years as of 2009 and is now in the process of having his new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford rebuilt.

Model T Fords

The Model T Ford club is a loosely organized group. We attend two main events annually with our Model T. The CanAm is a meet that people from B.C.,Can., and from Wa, Ore, USA, hold annually in Sept. The meet alternates between a Can. or US venue.

On Father's Day the cars from Vancouver Island, B.C. hold the Barney Oldfield Memorial Model T Ford meet sponsored by Rob Oldfield. This commerates the run for parts with Model Ts from Oldfield's service station in Saanich to a downtown Victoria parts supplier. Over the years this became a race against the clock.


Our first camper van was the Chevy. When we bought it in 1996, as at October 8th there were 16,300 Km. showing on the mileage meter. When we sold it in 2003, as at June 23rd, there were 84,571 Kms on the mileage meter. In the 7 years that we owned it we put 68,271 kms on it.
The Chevy Van runs on Propane. So, in an effort to find out how far we could go on the propane fill up, we started to keep a short record of the fuel stops, with the date, the mileage, amount of fuel, and distance travelled recorded. This fuel up log has been an easy reference for where we travelled each year.

Old Dodge Lodge

We purchased our 1995 Pleasure Way, Dodge Lodge in July 2003. It had 112,401 km on the mileage meter. When we sold this vehicle in February of 2008, there was 161,118 km on the mileage meter. In the 5 years we used this camperized van we put 48,717 kms on the meter.

The Dodge Lodge has a sink and a toilet, the back seat is made into a bed by re-arranging the cushions. This van runs on gasoline.

Second Dodge Lodge

We purchased our 2000 wide body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge after Pat had spotted it on Wheaton's car lot. When we got it on February 8, 2008 there was 30,800 kms on the mileage meter. We sold it privately on July 17, 2017, when it had 97,607 kms on it. In the nine years we used this vehicle we added 66,807 kms to the mileage meter.

We were the second owners. The white carpet, white woodwork and fabric was in very clean. The stove top was also. The previous owners did not use the propane. The sofa at the back had a button to slide the back seat down and then we arranged the cushions and bedding to make twin beds along each side. We had a built in coffee maker. The table set up at the back for meals, each day. Pat added a new TV and after a lightning storm at Irvin's campground we needed a new microwave. Pat made up a fitted piece of gray carpet to cover all that white stuff on the floor. With regular maintenance including oil, batteries and tires the van was in good condition when we sold it.

Unity Twin Bed Model

In 2017 we started to look for a new camperized van and settled on the Leisure Travel Unity Twin Bed Mercedes Benz diesel Plus B motorhome. This vehicle runs on diesel fuel and so we get better mileage. The motor is a Mercedes Benz built in Germany. The Chassis is built by EEE in Winkler, Manitoba. It is 5 feet longer and wider, as well as higher than the Dodge Lodge. It has mattresses on the twin beds, televisions back and front. Larger 3 way fridge, microwave/convection oven, pull out pantry, sink, 2 burner propane stove and corian counter top in the galley. There is a toilet and sink in the bathroom and a self contained shower across the hall. The shower door, when open shuts the bedroom and bath area off from the rest of the area in the van. The passenger seat and drivers seat are very comfortable and adjustable. They turn to face the table that sets up just behind them, with 2 more seats facing the table. The table, too, is adjustable and locks into place.
We have purchased a 2008 Toyota Highlander that pulls the trailer with the Model T Ford in it.
July 2020
We travel to the EEELTV factory at Winkler, Manitoba and have the leveling jacks installed.
September 2020
Pat ordered a new table that swings to side from Triple E. They shipped it and he installed it. March 29, 2022
In January 2022 Triple E sent us a recall notice respecting the exhaust from the Fridge when running on Propane. Heatgshields were available as a precautionary measure as some discolouration had been noted, which could lead to a fire hazard. As we have no local dealer presently they sent us the parts with instructions. Triangle RV agreed to perform the installation, in about 6 weeks, which they did on March 29th. As I had agreed to pay them, Triple E have agreed to reimburse me $84.00.
While at Triangle RV I asked about the rubber pads for the automatic leveling jacks. They ordered them in and they arrived the next day. As I was in their "system" they gave me a 10% discount, which helped bring the total to about $306.00. I'll install the pads on the jacks on a warm day, when the rubber pads are nice and malleable.

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