1999 Turkey
A very informative, interesting Trafalgar tour from March 18 to April 1

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AntalyaSunset Ascelpeos AtaturkMonument Cappadocia
Antalya Sunset Ascelpeos Ataturk Monument Cappadocia
Epheseus Ephesus FinishedPottery LadyWithGoatPerge
Epheseus Ephesus Finished Pottery Lady With Goat Perge

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Reloaded July 10, 2017

Read the Travel logue for this trip. It will be a long scroll to get to the 1999 Turkey travel journal notes. Another Trafalgar bus tour of Turkey. Wonderful time, except for having the bus leave us behind at our first coffee stop. Things just got better and better thereafter. Istanbul would be worth a few months visit alone. Wish I had better photos of this trip also. Our guide spoke very good English and had much information to impart. I must go back someday. While we were there, the bombing started in Kosovo. Our trip continued and we returned home with no problems. HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue