Scotland and Ireland - April 2 to 22, 2004
Two Trafalgar bus tours and a couple of days with the Lehanes.

Page 1 flight - 9 hours with British Air - Victoria - Vancouver - London
April 2, 3, 4. - Long line ups at Customs and we miss our connection with the Trafalgar person. We get to our hotel only to find that we have been moved to a different place. Finally get to the Crown Plaza. Its too late and we are too tired to go out to eat. Early start on the 4th - 4:45 for a 6:45 start on the bus.- 43 of us to be picked up at different hotels. sheesh!. Tour Director is Tom Lange, driver George. We get a coffee stop at 9:30 - one lady is sick and goes to hospital.. she looked hung over to me. On our way - shooting out the window on a dreary, gray day. Lunch stop at Durham (45 minutes) We have gone past York, the Angel of the North Monument. Into Scotland and cross the River Tweed and to our awful, ugly Hotel where nothing works. Out to a 3 course dinner with some of the group. Finally to sleep.

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Read the Travel logue for this trip. It will be a long scroll to get to the travel journal notes for this trip to Scotland and Ireland in 2004. Two Trafalgar bus tours to see Scotland and Ireland. Our tour guide for the Irish trip was a delight. Spent a few days with Lehanes at the end of the Irish tour. Another must go back place. I got to see the Book of Kells. The light always seemed good in Ireland. (April 2 - 23). HERE - Travel Journal Notes