2003 - Malta, Gozo, Sicily, Pompei, Naples

Page 2 Getting rested and finding our way around
Feb. 26 - We talk to the hotel room attendants and get our shower working and arrange the beds to our liking. The view from our window is spectacular. We meet our Goway travel agent "Doris" and sign up for a tour of Malta (apx $100 CD), then go for more walks and lunch in a pub. Back to our room to sleep and TV. US and Britian are going to invade Iraq any minute - there is much saber rattling. We go down for our dinner - swordfish - very good.

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Read the Travel logue for this trip. It will be a long scroll to get to the travel journal notes for this trip to Malta in 2003. Malta: with side trips to Sicily and Naples. We have breakfasts and dinners included. We tour around by taking the buses. Naples included flying to Rome - we just saw the airport though. Pompeii ruins were the main attraction there. Malta is steeped in history. I could spend time there again easily.(Feb. 24 - March 17). HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue