2003 - Malta, Gozo, Sicily, Pompei, Naples

Page 1 flight and arrival (survival?)- 30 hours - Victoria - Vancouver - London - Malta
Feb. 24, 25 - Our airplane left Vancouver and had to turn around to go back. The landing gear door would not close. We change planes, and have seats in the bulkhead area. To Heathrow and wait 6 hours for our flight with Air Malta to Valletta where we are met by our "Goway" tours person. To our hotel and are a bit disappointed by its lack of charm. Its the La Vallette Resort in the St. Julian area. Its cold with fierce winds off the Mediterrean Sea. We have breakfast and dinner at the hotel included in our package.

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Read the Travel logue for this trip. It will be a long scroll to get to the travel journal notes for this trip to Malta in 2003. Malta: with side trips to Sicily and Naples. We have breakfasts and dinners included. We tour around by taking the buses. Naples included flying to Rome - we just saw the airport though. Pompeii ruins were the main attraction there. Malta is steeped in history. I could spend time there again easily.(Feb. 24 - March 17). HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue