2002 France

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Day 2, 3, 4 Pont Royal
February 16, 17, 18, 2002
Our apartment has electric heat, bedroom, toilet room, tub room, pantry, with kitchen, living room and dining room in an open area. The stove is gas and has this most excellent oven that I find out about later. Pat has fixed the patio door and a few other things that need fixing with his handy gizmo that has pliers, and all kinds of tools on it.. We have a small grocery store, restaurant, theatre, swimming pool, laundry, gift/golf shop. This complex is a golf resort, with a lake with boats to rent, tennis courts, equine riding ring with instructors, a small animal collection, and woods to walk in. It is very new and so there is still construction, with more apartments being built. Its very grand. The view from our dining area looks out to the West. I like to try to time our dinners so that we are eating as the sun sets to catch the light show. Pat goes out each morning to get the bagette, makes coffee and reads his newspapers. I am sleeping a lot, trying to get my jet lag sorted out and reading voraciously.

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